Friday, January 29, 2016

Safe with you

Picture info:

Adrien is a doll love Brian
Face-up: By me

The story behind the picture:

I was admiring Adrien's head after I gave him a new face-up, and as he sat there in my hand he looked so pleased and comfortable. Almost as if he was saying he loved me holding him like this. That it made him feel safe and loved.
I just had to snap a picture of it. And I LOVE how it turned out. It looks so fragile and yet full of love to me.
Some people might call me crazy. But this picture for me shows exactly how much TLC I put into my dolls.
The love and care I put into every single doll as I build them from an empty blank shell to a character I love dearly.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Miloh 2.0

Picture info:
Miloh is a Switch Huisa and belongs to me
Face-up: By me

The story behind the picture:
So, I did a thing.
I gave Miloh a make over.
I just wasn't happy with his old look. I was not in love with  the wig he was wearing any more and I was so displeased by the fault that were in his face-up. I know the faults did not show, but I knew there were there, and they were all I saw.
I started his make over with finding him a new wig. I even cut his old wig to see if I could make it look better, but it only made him more girlish and Miloh is still a boy.
I ended up with three wigs I was doubting about, so I threw some pics on my instagram and asked the public for their opinion on what wig he should wear. It was a pretty close tie between a brown blonde monique jojo wig and the wig you can see in the pic.
Why I eventually choose this fr wig?
I like him better as a red head, simple as that.
Second thing I did was clean his face and start fresh with a new face-up. Making sure that the little mistakes the old one had would not be there on the new one.
There you have it. Miloh 2.0.
And let me  tell you..... I LOVE how he turned out. It's still the Miloh I know him to be, just... well. ..Better!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

puppy love

Picture info:

Joshua (R) is a Leekeworld Lion
Ryden (L) is a Dollndoll king Lucian
both dolls belong to me
face-up: by me

The story behind the picture:
Aren't these two absolutely adorkable together? I honestly never would have thought these two would be this good together. I had thought it would look so weird and way off. But they don't. They are amazing together.
And it seem that Ryden (yes, I renamed Trez to Ryden) can't even manage to look like his normal grumpy self. He actually looks sweet and innocent in some way. So not used to that, but I like it. They sure do belong to one another, that is a fact. No denying it.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

board buddies

Picture info:

Trez is a Dollndoll King Lucian
Miloh is a Switch Huisa
Both dolls belong to me
face-up: by me

The story behind the picture:

Trez and Miloh are best friends and almost inseparable. They share a lot of interest, and probably the most important of those is their passion for skateboarding. The both work at the same Skateboard shop that is owned by Trez his big brother. I can so see these two indoors on a rainy day taking care of their boards, giving them new wheels and all, and chatting about the most difficult tricks the latest comics and movies and all sorts of random stuff.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Face-up Commission #61

Picture info:

Face-up Commission for Iplehouse I
Owner of doll: Widu
Face-up: by me

Thursday, January 14, 2016

3/5 of a whole

Picture info:

Jules (L) is a Monodee rich
face-up: Default
Brandon (M) is a Dream of doll dream head 11
face-up: Default
Cameron (R) is a switch soseo
face-up: AmariexCiryatan

The story behind the picture:
As some of you might know I sold a whole lot of dolls last year because I was not happy with the molds anymore. And four of those dolls were a part of my BJD band called Rebels Ruin.
The only band member that survived the massive change in my crew was Brandon.
From Day 1 my plan was to slowly reshell every single member of the band I had sold.
But I never expected it would be so hard.
Finding the right sculpts for the characters is proving to be a pain in my behind.
I don't want to make the same mistake I did with their former molds and end up not being able to bond with them.
So progress of reshelling them is a slow going process. But I am okay with that. I'd rather go slow and do it right, that fast and ending up with bonding issues again.
At this time I am half way through my reshelling process.
I have reshelled 2 of  the 4 sold dolls. I have been able to reshell Jules and Jay. The lather one I renamed Cameron as I just was not feeling the name Jay for his current mold.
The only two still missing are the brother Kaleb and Kai.
I do have to admit; I miss having those two in my crew. But I know one day they will return. As soon as I found the perfect mold for them and saved up the money to buy them.
But for now I am overjoyed to have these three at home whom I love dearly.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Face-up commission #60

Picture info:

Face-up in a Fantasydoll glen
Face-up by me
For more info on my commissions, click the on face-up commissions shop is the menu bar.

The story behind the picture:

OMG I can't believe I am already posting my 60th face-up picture. I have done a lot more that 60 that is a fact but some of them especially in the beginning were not really picture worthy. Everybody has to start somewhere right? Maybe some day I'll show you a picture of them just for laughs.
There are also a few face-ups I did which I have not posted pictures of. Those ofcourse will come in the near feature. And in some cases I was just stupid enough to forget to take pictures before sending them back to their owners. Now I think about it. I probably did twice as much face-ups. But I am just overjoyed to be able to say I have 60 face-ups I did want to take pictures of, and of which (at the time) thought were amazing. Okay, maybe the face-ups in my first pictures are not as good as the face-ups right now. But it does show I grew a lot in my skills. Of which I am very proud. This face-up was also a little pride of mine. I love the details I was able to fit into that itty bitty tiny head of his, and he looks just adorable.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to bond with him so he has found a new home with a new loving owner.
But I still wanted to show you all this adorable face and face-up

Friday, January 8, 2016

My wishlist

Something I think we all have when we are in this hobby is a wishlist.
A list of dolls you would love to own, or perhaps even clothing items, wigs and other things dolly related.
I myself am no exception. I also have a wishlist of dolls and items I would once like to own.
And I thought I'd share with you all what is on my wishlist.

My dolly wishlist

1: Luts SSDF Abadon

This beauty is on the top of my list. He is going to be the shell of Zane. A character I have tried to shell a thousand times, and failed every single one of them. But when I saw the company pictures of this handsome man I knew I had found him. He is perfect. Just the way I had imagined Zane would be. I am currently doing all I can to save up the money to buy this doll.
I even made a pact with my best friend that I am not to buy any other doll before I get Zane home.
And I am hell bend on keeping myself to that pact.
Please help me pray I will get the money to buy him soon. I am dying to have him.

2: Iplehouse Eric
This guy has been on my wishlist for so very long. I have been wanting him for years now. And one
day I will own him. I am sure aIpbout that. I am in love with his cute smile, and don't get me started on that body. Hubbuhhubbuh *drewl*
Gawd he is so handsome.
One of the reasons I do not have him yet (besides the lack of funds) is that I was having a hard time choosing a skin tone. Until not so very long ago the only skin color I had was normal skin dolls.
So I thought that to make all my dolls fit together was to order this doll in normal skin too. Not that hard a choice you would say right? Yeah, that was until I saw pictures of him in normal skin. Oh my he is so ugly in normal skin.
I love him in Iplehouse's special real skin color. It's also way more expensive but it is so gorgeous. But I didn't know if that skintone would fit in with the rest of my crew.
Luckily I was able to see a few iplehouse dolls with that exact same skintone and it was so pretty.
I now have my mind made up on the skintone. He is going to be that special real skin, and He is going to come right after my number 1 listed doll.

3: Iplehouse Panther
Up untill recently I just had two dolls on my wishlist. But then Iplehouse came out with a panther doll.
A frigging panther!!!
It's so gorgeous, and pretty and awesome and HNNGGGG squeeel.
Don't worry I have not lost my mind. Let me explain why I want this beastie.
My character Knoxx is a werecat. And his cat form just so happens to be a big huge black panther.
So there you have it. The reason why I want one. Let's hope and pray I one day get to have Knoxx in both his forms

So now you know what dolls are on my wishlist. Yes there are only three dolls on that list, which is not a lot.
I do have a separate wishlist with characters I one day want to shell. For some I just not have found the right mold yet, But mostly I am keeping an open mind for what  might cross my path. I suck at buying dolls and knowing exactly how they are going to be. 9 out of 10 times I end up giving the doll another character because it just does not click when I get the doll home. So I try do to keep those kind of buys to a bare minimum. I prefer to but a doll that I love and think of as pretty and see who he/she is when they are home.
I thought about sharing my character wishlist with you all too, but I decided I'd do that another time in another blog post.
And now I am going to crawl back behind my sewing machine and make cute clothes for my Etsy, hope they will sell so I can get my wishlist dolls home :D

Love is......

Picture info:

Maddox (L) is a luts delf claus and belongs to me
Ivicha (R) is a Dream of doll Code 2 and belongs to AmariexCiryatan
Both face-ups: By me

The story behind the picture:

Love is....
Sitting together in total silence and know you will never part.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Adrien 2.0

Picture info:

Adrien is a Doll love Brian and belongs to me
Face-up: By me
Adriens profile:

The story behind the picture:

So...... something happened to Adrien.
Someone named Maddox stole his wig. Just took it and ran off with it leaving this poor man all bald and ugly.
I kinda have ignored this little fact for weeks on end, but last week I decided it was about time I addressed his bald problem.
And look what I found for him. A wig that was deserted by it former user because I sold that head. And he looks absolutely amazing with it.

Monday, January 4, 2016


Picture info:

Kamdhin is a modded Fairyland feeple 65 Chloe and belongs to me
face-up: By me
Mods by dragonwings236
Kamdhin's profile:

Waiting with a friend is always better

Picture info:

Kamdhin is a modded Fairyland feelple 65 Chloe
Maddox is a Luts delf Claus
Both dolls belong to me
Face-ups: by me

The story behind the picture:

Maddox and Kamdhin have been best friends for a really long time. They met when Maddox started to work for the same master Kamdhin was working for and they soon found a they got a long really well. Their friendship is strong and they trust one another with their lives. And there are moment they have a lot of fun be loud act be a little crazy from time to time. Making adventures and amazing memories.
But the are also times where just being together, hanging around in absolute silence is all they need to know they will always be, the friends the are now

New Years Blog Resolutions

New Year Blog Resolutions
Yes, those exist too hihi
Or atleast they to with me.

As you might all know my blog mostly contains my adventures with my dolls through pictures, pictures and more pictures. And all though I love posting my best work here I have been feeling I have been lacking in text.
I never really share my adventures by simply telling you about them.
So, That's what I have decided I should do.
I should start writing down my adventures, thoughts and all that jazz. Start actually using the key's on my key board to tell you of all the amazing an fun things I do in this hobby. From meets, to shoot, and doll trades and wishlists and and and.... so many more things. The list is too long.
This! is my one and only new years blog resolution. But it's a big one. A huge one that will bring a even bigger change to my blog along with it.
I do sincerely hope you will all like my wish to start writing more and that you will find my stories interesting and worth reading about.
And if you are just here for the pretty pictures and not the text part. I would not blame you if you were to skip reading and just watch.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Picture info:

Cameron is is Switch Soseo and belongs to me
Face-up: by AmariexCiryatan
Cameron's profile:

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Picture info:
Trez is a Dollndoll King Lucian and belongs to me
Face-up: By me

The story behind the picture:
My newest addition to m resin crew.
Chubby cheeked bratty boy Trez.

Friday, January 1, 2016


Picture info:
Kamdhin at the church ruins in Ammerzoden, Netherlands

The story behind the picture:
Kamdhin is a modded Fairyland Feeple 65 Chloe and belongs to me
Face-up & Styling: by me