Friday, October 21, 2016


Picture info:

Eponine is a Zaoll Luv
Face-up: by me

The story behind the picture:

October has been the month of girls for me.
In just the twenty days this month is old I have added three!!!! girls to my crew.
One of those girls is this cutie.
Her name is Eponine, or Nina for short. I got her from a friend of mine who was selling her.
I thought she was cute, even with the scars she has on the left side of her face which were placed there by one of her previous owners, and thought. Why not. I can at least try and make it work. Let's take on the challenge and see if I can bond with a girl.
Never was I prepared for the bonding I found in this small girl... or tall, depending on if you want to call her an MSD or SD. Never would I have thought this odd sized girl would be so adorable and lovable.

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