Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Kyanara-BJD Commissions for Think Pink

Hi everyone.

I have some awesome news.I have had the amazing pleasure to have been commissioned by Think Pink to do a set of four face-ups for their store.
Have you always wanted a face-up from me, but for some reason never have been able to commission me. There now is a chance to own an amazingly beautiful doll with a face-up I did.
Currently I am doing my best to make the four dolls given to me by Think Pink as pretty as I possibly can for all of you
After I am done, I will hand them back to the lovely ladies of Think Pink and they will put them up for sale in their store.  So they will be up for grabs for all of you out there.
I have to admit I feel utterly blessed to have been commissioned by them and I am enjoying every minute of the time I spend doing the face-ups.
Ofcourse I will post photo's of the finished commissions here on my blog and one very profile page and social media page I have an account on.
So you know exactly which molds I have had the pleasure of doing and how they turned out. I hope you will all like them.
And even if you are not interested in buying any of the four dolls, you should check out Think pink's store anyways. They have some amazing stuff for all of you.

Click the link below to visit their website.

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