Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Picture info:
Lucien: Dollzone Raymond
Evan: Luts Claus
Maddox: Soom Heliot
Vincent: Souldoll Kagel

The story behind the picture:
There four handsome men are brothers. I have had the pleasure of having both Lucien and Vincent over for a sleep over and I thought  that called for a family shoot. It is so awesome to see all of these four men together. This family is very precious to both me and to the owner of Lucien and Vincent (amarie_bjd) you have no idea.
So having this picture is like a dream come true.
These four brothers are the pillars of the family. There are so many more members to this family, but unfortunately not all of them are here in their doll form yet, or they are not finished. One day. I hope to make a full family picture, with all it's member in it.

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