Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Extended family

Picture info:
Brandon: Dream of doll Dream head 11
Lucien: Dollzone Raymond
Evan: Luts Claus
Maddox: Soom Heliot
Vincent: Souldoll Kagel
Terran; Doll Love Brian

The story behind the picture:
This is a little extra after yesterday's picture post where I showed you a picture of the Delacroix brothers.
For the people who missed that post. The four men in the middle are brothers. Flrt. we have Lucien, Evan, Maddox & Vincent.
I also told you about there being way more family members that just there four men. Unfortunately not all of the member have been finished yet, so I added those who have are finished and were there that day for my use.
So I added Brandon, who is Lucien's lover on the far left and Terran, who is Vincent's lover on the far right.

Both Lucien and Vincent belong to my friend amarie_bjd who kindly let these two handsome men stay with me for a sleep over

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