Thursday, June 16, 2016

A question for my readers

When I first started out with this blog I did more that just post my  best pictures and tell you about my doll adventures.
I also made blog posts about new dolls that companies were releasing. Honestly I have no idea why I stopped doing this. But I cam across many of those posts when I was spring cleaning my blog posts. And that made me think. Would my blog readers like to see posts like these back on my blog?
So I am turning to you, my readers!
I need you!! yes YOU!!! to help me make my blog better by answering a little question.

Would you like to see me make blog posts about new doll releases from all the different companies out there?
Please leave your answer in a comment to this post.
Your help is greatly appreciated by yours truly!

Monday, June 13, 2016

The 7 deadly sins: Wrath

Picture info:

Daniel is a Illusion spirit Gino
Face-up: by me

The story behind the picture:

Not so long ago I posted the first photo's of the 7 deadly sins shoots I did. And this is the second set of photo's.
These was my original plan when I started making photo's for this challenge. But I decided on entering the pictures I made of Trez instead of these as they are bordering on violating the forum's rules. And I do not want to get into trouble on that forum over a picture. But I did really want to share these pics as I absolutely adore them and it shows you just who Daniel really is. Daniel is not a very nice and kind person. He was brought up to kill, and he get's a great thrill out of doing it. The baseball bat is one of his favorite weapons. And he will not shy away from killing someone slowly if he can.
In this case he murdered one of my characters of whom I sold his head days before. Thought it was fitting hihi. A farewell to Ryden.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Face-up Commission #67

Picture info:

Commission for Widu
Mold: Souldoll Shaun

The story behind the picture:

This face-up was such a challenge of my skills. The owner asked me to do a facial tattoo thing in a shiny color.
I normally do not do these kind of things, but it seemed so much fun to do so I accepted the challenge and faced it head on.
I am so very pleased with how it turned out, even though it was a hard thing to do. And more important, the owner loved it! Mission accomplished. Whooo! Time for a happy dance!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Big Spring Blog Clean up

*picks up her broom and starts sweeping.*
Today I started a big spring clean up on my blog.
I noticed I had a lot of blog posts up from which the picture had gone missing, and I can not seem to find out where they went.
I don't like having blog posts on my blog that evolve all around the picture, but there is no picture to be seen. So I decided that if I could not find the pictures, I should delete those posts.
What is the use of keeping them, when there is nothing in them to show?
I deleted a little over 60 blog posts.
No worries though. I still have more than 300 posts for you to see and read, there is still plenty left.
And ofcourse there are many more new ones to come.

Friday, June 3, 2016

The 7 deadly sins: vanity

Picture info:

Trez is a dollndoll king lucian
Face-up: by me

The story behind the picture:
First of all.  Soorrryyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! to all of you, my followers, for my absence here on my blog.
I should be ashamed of myself for not being active here at all. I need to admit that  have been very very busy and been using Instagram, as it is just a little quicker that blogging. BUT! I have not forgotten about my blog. Not at all. I have been hoarding awesome pictures I wanted to share with you.
Two of those pictures are the ones you see above.
For a photo challenge on a local forum we needed to make pictures of one of the seven deadly sins.
At first I choose do to wrath, but my pictures were a bit edge and might clash with the rules of the forum so I decided to choose another sin and ended up picking vanity. And Trez is the perfect boy to portrait  this sin.
As he is indeed a little vain with his perfectly groomed hair, his fancy outfit and ofcourse that damn mirror he is holding.
This shoot did require a little bit of behind the scenes magic, but the pictures turned out soooo well. I adore them.
Ofcourse I will post the pictures I made of Wrath here on my blog as well. just because I didn't post them on the forum doesn't mean you won'get to see them.
I am dubbing on doing the other 5 sins as well. It would be awesome to do, I think. I am going to rake my brain to see if I can find the idea's for the other five.