Sunday, May 8, 2016

License to kill

Picture info:
Daniel is an illusion spirit Gino
face-up: by me

The story behind the picture:
I just can not get over the fact I own this guy. He is my little grumpy ass. and always happy and willing to put a bullet in you head if you are pissing him off in one way or the other.

New wig for Sebastian

Picture info:
Sebastian is a luts CP breakaway bloody valentine
face-up: by amariexciryatan

The story behind the picture:
So.... my handsome vamp man Sebastian turned a bright shade of orange,
I really did not like how his other wig looked without a beanie on it. It was horrible, you must believe me. He looked like some sort of very sad poodle. Then I realized I had this amazing bright wig still sitting in my drawer of which I knew looks awesome both with and without a beanie. And lucky for me Seb is rocking that wig. And looking at this pic, I think he thinks exactly the same way I do.