Friday, April 29, 2016

My Face-up Tools: Pastels

My Face-up Tools blog post series.

I have had a lot of questions about what tools I use when I do a face-up.
So I thought it would be interesting for all of you do show you just exactly what I use.
What Pastels I use, what brushed I use, which sealants and all the other stuff I use.
Thus, I decided I'd do a little series of blog posts to tell you all about the all the lovely items that help me do my magic.


It is almost impossible to do a face-up without pastels. Well maybe if you have an airbrush it is possible. But seeing I and many people with me do not have one, Pastels are a must. Pastels are your best friend for blushing your dolls. From the yes, to lips, cheeks and even option parts and fantasy parts. I use my pastels for everything I do.
You can not use just any pastel for your face-ups.
When doing face-ups you can only use Soft Pastels. These pastels do not have Oil in them. Oil containing pastels will stain your doll, and you don't want that to happen, right?
I use a three different brands of pastels.

1: Rembrand
My all time favorite Pastels are Rembrands. They are expensive as hell here in the netherlands but they are heavenly to work with. They have are high pigment pastels so you don;t have to use a lot to get the color to stick on your doll. When buying these pastels I decided to only buy the colors I would use most. So I got only 12 Rembrand pastels. All in different kinds shades of brown, red and one black one. Luckily for me the shop I bought them from gave me these handy black storing thingies so I can keep these expensive babies safe.

2: Jaxel
Jaxel is a good, cheaper alternative for Rembrand. They also have a high pigment in them, but not as much as the rembrands do. And they are a little bit more fragile. But they work very well for face-ups if you do not want to spend that much on for example Rembrand.
Currently I own onlt 4 rembrand pastels. All in natural colors. And I use two of them on ALL! my face-ups. I picked these 4 pastels because I could not find a good match in the Rembrand collection.

3: Mungyo pastelsI have box of 64 Mungyo Pastels. This box contains small pastels, which are about 1/3 of my other pastels in size.
The box is filled with all sorts of colors. from natural colors, to bright and even neon colors. I use this box when people commission me for very colorful face-ups. The pastels are very nice to use. Some colors contain more pigment than other, so sometimes you need more of a certain color that other colors, but they are good to work with. And because of all the different colors you will always have that perfect color or those colorful face-ups.
So now you know which pastels I use to create all my face-ups. Hope this info will help you find your favorite pastels.

Next in the "my face-up tools" series are Paint.
Keep an eye out for my next post if you want to know more about what paint I use

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