Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Crew anno April 2016

Picture info:

Joshua, Cameron, Brice, Elian, Kamdhin & Terran
Second row:
Paisley, Ilya & Miloh
Brandon, Sebastian, Daniel with Keiji, Alex, Bentley & Trez with Blaze

The story behind the picture:

So, it has been some time since I last made a group shot like this one. My last one was in September of 2015. But so much has changed since then.
I have sold some dolls and have given others a huge make over and gotten some new dolls as well.
You can really say a lot has changed. But they are all changes for the good.
This picture only shows you my complete dolls. I do have 5 floating heads still waiting for a body in my closet for whom I hope I can get bodies asap.
My floating heads are:
Maddox, Cade, Gabriel, Ryden & Ion

You might also notice Blaze is my only Yo-sd left in my crew. I kinda fell into an old trap. The trap that is called "woman-you-can-not-bond-with-yo-sd-trap". I have had the same problems before, with my first three yo-sd's and now I have run into the same problem again. They are so adorable and utterly cute, but to me they are nothing more than that. So I decided to re-home them all besides Blaze. Blaze for me is different from the normal yo-sd due to his head size and body size. And I actually do love this blue haired boy very much. And I am now 100% sure there will never be any new yo-sd's in my crew. After having owned 6 and re-homing them all, I am officially done with them. Ofcourse that doesn't mean I hate them. Some of my close friends have yo-sd and I adore them and always will adore them. They just are not right for me as an owner.

Confession time:
I do hope things are going to settle down a little in resin land for me now. I am getting a bit sick of constantly having to chance things around because I am just not happy with how my dolls look and all.
But slowly I am starting to feel I am getting there. I finally am feeling that satisfaction that my dolls are complete and done. And I can say I am proud of how they look. Now the time has come to really enjoy them and bond with them. I am soooo looking forward to this you have no idea.
I am also going to make some new profile pictures soon. As so many of my have have new wigs, eyes, clothes. they deserve a new up to date profile pic. So keep an eye out for those.

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