Saturday, April 9, 2016

Day in the forest

Picture info:

Paisley is a Souldoll Jang Hwa, he belongs to me and has his default face-up.

The story behind the picture:

A few days my best friend and I were on the road to go and take some awesome pictures at a site we had been before a couple of years back. It was site surrounded by many trees and shrubs. There also was a leftover church tower. The whole place had this abandoned forgotten place vibe to it and it was awesome to shoot dolls there. But when we arrived there we found out they had cut down most of the trees and all the shrubs were gone as well. The whole abandoned forgotten place vibe had gone. It now was a soulless empty cold place. And not a good place to take pictures at. We had driven all the way there to ding out,  there was nothing left of the magical place.
So we decided to make a detour to a huge nature reserve called "de Loonse en Drunese duinen." This is a huge forest and dune site and it's amazing.
We only were able to see the first 100 meters of the place as I had not counted on walking far and forgot my crutches, which I  currently need for walking longer distances.
But within those 100 meters I was able to make so many awesome pictures of Paisley.
So be prepared to see more of him in the coming weeks

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