Monday, February 29, 2016


Something happened.
Something I had never seen coming.
Something I would never have thought possible.
What do you ask?

Let me start at the beginning.
Some months back I was on a selling spree. I had so many dolls (heads) I just did not have a bonding with anymore, so I sold them to new homes. Homes where they would get the attention they deserved.
One of those heads I sold was one of my oldest characters, Patch.
He was a Leekeworld Romeo.
I had been struggling with Patch for months on end. But I kept on struggling for so long because he was very dear to me at some point. But I lost that feeling all together. After trying to find him new clothes, other body etc etc, I still was not feeling him, and he was only giving me stress and desperation.
That is when I decided to sell him. he had to go. Every time I looked at him I felt sad and irritated.
It was a very hard choice to make, as he had once been my grail doll. And he had been with me for such a long time,
Luckily for me, one of my best friends wanted to have him.
That meant, I would not have the problems I had with him anymore, but I still got to see him every now and then. And at that point that was totally okay with me.
And honestly I didn't really miss having him in my doll collection anymore.
It was all good and I was happy with my decisions.

But then a few days back, my friend told me she was thinking of selling him. And I could literally hear my heart break. Ofcourse I understood why she was thinking of selling him. I had the very same problems she was having with him now. But for some reason this triggered a deep feeling inside of me.
A feeling that screamed at me not to let him go.
She did ask me if I might want him back, and I asked her if I could think about it.
One thing I knew for sure. I didn't want Patch back. I can honestly say I have had it with that character for now. Maybe one day he might come back, but at this point I think I just outgrew Patch his character.
But if I was not planning on giving him his old character back, who was he gonna be then?
I was not planning on getting him back without a solid plan as to where he would fit in to my crew.
For those who don't know; All my dolls their background stories are linked, one way or another.
And I simply can not bond with a doll that is not in some way connected to the others.
So that meant I had to find a new character for him and a place for him to fit into.
After some hard thinking I knew had found a place for him. Though I still have to work out the details, he does have a place where he belongs with a job, a brother and a bunch of friends.
And after making the deal with my friend, he returned home shortly after.

But having him back also came with another problem. How did I want to style him? This! had been a big problem before I sold him. Though he has such a lovely head, with his amazing jawline and big round cute nose, he is really really really hard to style. There are a lot of wigs that just looks hideous on him, and sticking him in cute boyish clothes is just not an option either. His face is simply just to masculine for cute clothes.
I knew I had one wig that looked good on him, but that used to be Patch his wig. But I wanted to avoid putting that on him, afraid I would run into old problems with him again.
One thing was fore sure. He was not going to look one bit like he used to when he was still Patch.
Luckily for me I had one wig sitting in my drawer which I was saving for another character (Jules) But seeing Jules in not going to come home anytime soon, I threw the though of saving that wig for Jules out of the window and tried in on. And he looked amazing with that wig.
I quickly pulled his brother (Joshua) off his body and put him on it. And that also solved my clothing issues. He just looked way to good in his brothers clothes. (No worries Joshua has clothes to spare)
And then, right at that moment. All the bad feelings I have ever had with him disappeared into thin air. Vanished from my mind.
And I can honestly say, I fell in love with him all over again.
Now I can see why he once was my grail doll, why I wanted to have him so bad.
And I am over the moon and overjoyed to have him back.
Ofcourse with a HUGE thank you to my friend.

So without further blabla's from me, I would like you all to meet ....


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