Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fierce & Fiery

Picture info:

Kamdhin is a modded Fairyland feeple 65 Chloe
Mods by: Dragonwings236
Face-up: By me

The story behind the picture:

Mister Kamdhin Welsh.
Oh how I love this man.
At the moment he is probably one of my most beloved dolls.
I am in love with his blue eyes and his fiery orange hair.
His handsome features and his hubbuh hubbuh body. (though that last one is hardly visible in this pic).
Gawd I often find myself just staring at him for the longest time and totally get lost in those eyes.
(Jikes, major weirdo confession, whoops hihi)
So you must understand me wanting to post this awesome picture of him, right?
Thank you for understanding!

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