Monday, February 22, 2016

Face-up Commission #64

Picture info:
Mold: Another Space Jupiter
Owner: Amariexciryatan
Face-up: by me
Commissions: Click on the Face-up Commissions shop button on the menu

The story behind the picture:
My dear friend asked me if I wanted to help her save a doll that has sort of been abused by his former owner. Want to know more about this poor boy and what he looked like before and how my friend is trying to make him all pretty again. Follow her on her Instagram @Amarie_bjd
She asked me if I wanted to do his face-up. I just could not say no to that.
First of all, because he deserved a little TLC and I loved helping her do that by doing a beautiful face-up. And second of all. There are only three Another Space Jupiters out there in the big wide world. And I, yes me, got a chance to do a face-up on him. How on earth could I say no to that?
And third of all. Who can say no to this cutie? I certainly couldn't.
The mission she gave me was to make him look like her other Jupiter, but a little bit more innocent (yes she owns two of the three jupiters, isn't she a lucky lady?)
And I got to do my most favorite thing on him. Freckles!!! I love doing freckles hihi.
Thankfully I was able to nail the mission, and I could give him back after the face-up to a happy owner.

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