Saturday, February 13, 2016

Face-up Commission #63

Picture info:

Sculpt: Mirodoll Rain
Owner: Me
Face-up: by me
Commissions at: Http://

The story behind the picture:
This cute boy was actually not in the planning but he came anyways.
I hosted a small Mirodoll group order as they had these amazing sales. And because the total amount reached a certain amount the order qualified for a gift. And this was the gift. At first I was a little unsure as to if I wanted to keep him or not. But I decided I could at least give him a chance.
And thus I did. I started with trying to style the blank head, and when I found that one perfect styling I knew I had to paint him and make him a real character.
And this is how he turned out.
Unfortunately the head does have some casting faults which I found during the painting, but they are hardly visible and easy to hide. I did have to sand both eyes a little to make them smooth and remove some resins bumpy residue.
But after the light modding he was a pleasure to paint. And he turned out uber cute, if I may say so my self.
His name is Ryden.
More of this cutie when I have more pics to share!

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