Tuesday, February 2, 2016

And then.......

And then it happens.
That one thought that brings along a change in your dolls.

How it all started.
Me and my best friend were sitting in my doll room talking about our dolly goals we had promised to fulfill this year.
We both have a goal in mind, and that is bring home a beloved character.
As we talked about her character maybe coming home I came to realize that bringing home my character, which is Zane, would take a very long time as I am currently saving for Ldoll.
This sad fact also brought to mind I have not been touching Zane's partner Cade. Over the last few weeks I have had all my dolls in my hands, except for Cade. (No, worries, Cade is not going anywhere) But we kind of both figured I have not been doing much with Cade because Zane is not here yet.
It made me wish that there was one doll in my current collection that would portrait Zane as I see him.
And then.......
There it was
That thought.
Monodee Rich.
He possible could be a perfect Zane.
So there I went.
I dressed him up with a set of blue eyes and a blonde wig, and a simple set of tanktop and blouse as that is what Zane mostly wears.
And for a moment, it seemed to work.
I pulled Cade out of him spot in the closest. Almost had to dust him off, as it had been that long.
And put together, the two dolls did seem to have a connection.

Unfortunately as the evening progressed, and Sunday made way for Monday something about "the new Zane" irked me.
It was not the fact he did not seem to connect to Cade. Nor was his styling.
I soon found it was the fact that the Monodee Rich has a very young face. I have always wanted the Luts Abadon mold for him, and that mold has bit of more matured look to him. The cute young face the Monodee Rich has was just to young for a multiple century old master demon.
It also didn't really help that Cade is also the owner of a more matured look which made the Monodee Rich look even younger.

So for two days I had been struggling with this and I was not quite sure how I was going to tackle the problem.
I was hoping that with days passing I would grow to love and accept the younger look. But deep down, I knew I would never.
Perhaps I even knew I was not ready to settle.
Or perhaps it was the fact that everything I looked at him I saw Maddox in him.

Can you guess where this is heading?

If you guessed that my Monodee Rich is now the new Maddox. You are correct!
*hands out cookies to those who guessed right*

And I can hear the questions rise within you. What happens now to the old Maddox.
That was a problem I solved quickly by bringing back a certain beloved skater/surfer smexy werewolf dude.
Ice cream for those who can guess who I mean.

If you choose Felan, then here is you bowl of yummy Ice cream!

And that is the whole story of how one little thought brought on a huge change in my characters.
This is so typical of me. Yes, I am admitting to this honestly because it is the truth. You can ask anyone I know. Every single change I make always comes with a though of;  "what if" or "would it be" or even "I wish"
And those who know me well know exactly when a thought like that crosses my mind as apparently it shows in my eyes.
And for one, I hope to have many more of there thoughts as they keep my creative thoughts and juices flowing. It would be a shame to loose all of that.

I promise I will make some new pics for you all to see soon when I have recharged my camera. *oops*

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