Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years Blog Resolutions

New Year Blog Resolutions
Yes, those exist too hihi
Or atleast they to with me.

As you might all know my blog mostly contains my adventures with my dolls through pictures, pictures and more pictures. And all though I love posting my best work here I have been feeling I have been lacking in text.
I never really share my adventures by simply telling you about them.
So, That's what I have decided I should do.
I should start writing down my adventures, thoughts and all that jazz. Start actually using the key's on my key board to tell you of all the amazing an fun things I do in this hobby. From meets, to shoot, and doll trades and wishlists and and and.... so many more things. The list is too long.
This! is my one and only new years blog resolution. But it's a big one. A huge one that will bring a even bigger change to my blog along with it.
I do sincerely hope you will all like my wish to start writing more and that you will find my stories interesting and worth reading about.
And if you are just here for the pretty pictures and not the text part. I would not blame you if you were to skip reading and just watch.

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