Friday, January 8, 2016

My wishlist

Something I think we all have when we are in this hobby is a wishlist.
A list of dolls you would love to own, or perhaps even clothing items, wigs and other things dolly related.
I myself am no exception. I also have a wishlist of dolls and items I would once like to own.
And I thought I'd share with you all what is on my wishlist.

My dolly wishlist

1: Luts SSDF Abadon

This beauty is on the top of my list. He is going to be the shell of Zane. A character I have tried to shell a thousand times, and failed every single one of them. But when I saw the company pictures of this handsome man I knew I had found him. He is perfect. Just the way I had imagined Zane would be. I am currently doing all I can to save up the money to buy this doll.
I even made a pact with my best friend that I am not to buy any other doll before I get Zane home.
And I am hell bend on keeping myself to that pact.
Please help me pray I will get the money to buy him soon. I am dying to have him.

2: Iplehouse Eric
This guy has been on my wishlist for so very long. I have been wanting him for years now. And one
day I will own him. I am sure aIpbout that. I am in love with his cute smile, and don't get me started on that body. Hubbuhhubbuh *drewl*
Gawd he is so handsome.
One of the reasons I do not have him yet (besides the lack of funds) is that I was having a hard time choosing a skin tone. Until not so very long ago the only skin color I had was normal skin dolls.
So I thought that to make all my dolls fit together was to order this doll in normal skin too. Not that hard a choice you would say right? Yeah, that was until I saw pictures of him in normal skin. Oh my he is so ugly in normal skin.
I love him in Iplehouse's special real skin color. It's also way more expensive but it is so gorgeous. But I didn't know if that skintone would fit in with the rest of my crew.
Luckily I was able to see a few iplehouse dolls with that exact same skintone and it was so pretty.
I now have my mind made up on the skintone. He is going to be that special real skin, and He is going to come right after my number 1 listed doll.

3: Iplehouse Panther
Up untill recently I just had two dolls on my wishlist. But then Iplehouse came out with a panther doll.
A frigging panther!!!
It's so gorgeous, and pretty and awesome and HNNGGGG squeeel.
Don't worry I have not lost my mind. Let me explain why I want this beastie.
My character Knoxx is a werecat. And his cat form just so happens to be a big huge black panther.
So there you have it. The reason why I want one. Let's hope and pray I one day get to have Knoxx in both his forms

So now you know what dolls are on my wishlist. Yes there are only three dolls on that list, which is not a lot.
I do have a separate wishlist with characters I one day want to shell. For some I just not have found the right mold yet, But mostly I am keeping an open mind for what  might cross my path. I suck at buying dolls and knowing exactly how they are going to be. 9 out of 10 times I end up giving the doll another character because it just does not click when I get the doll home. So I try do to keep those kind of buys to a bare minimum. I prefer to but a doll that I love and think of as pretty and see who he/she is when they are home.
I thought about sharing my character wishlist with you all too, but I decided I'd do that another time in another blog post.
And now I am going to crawl back behind my sewing machine and make cute clothes for my Etsy, hope they will sell so I can get my wishlist dolls home :D

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