Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Miloh 2.0

Picture info:
Miloh is a Switch Huisa and belongs to me
Face-up: By me

The story behind the picture:
So, I did a thing.
I gave Miloh a make over.
I just wasn't happy with his old look. I was not in love with  the wig he was wearing any more and I was so displeased by the fault that were in his face-up. I know the faults did not show, but I knew there were there, and they were all I saw.
I started his make over with finding him a new wig. I even cut his old wig to see if I could make it look better, but it only made him more girlish and Miloh is still a boy.
I ended up with three wigs I was doubting about, so I threw some pics on my instagram and asked the public for their opinion on what wig he should wear. It was a pretty close tie between a brown blonde monique jojo wig and the wig you can see in the pic.
Why I eventually choose this fr wig?
I like him better as a red head, simple as that.
Second thing I did was clean his face and start fresh with a new face-up. Making sure that the little mistakes the old one had would not be there on the new one.
There you have it. Miloh 2.0.
And let me  tell you..... I LOVE how he turned out. It's still the Miloh I know him to be, just... well. ..Better!!!!

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