Saturday, January 9, 2016

Face-up commission #60

Picture info:

Face-up in a Fantasydoll glen
Face-up by me
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The story behind the picture:

OMG I can't believe I am already posting my 60th face-up picture. I have done a lot more that 60 that is a fact but some of them especially in the beginning were not really picture worthy. Everybody has to start somewhere right? Maybe some day I'll show you a picture of them just for laughs.
There are also a few face-ups I did which I have not posted pictures of. Those ofcourse will come in the near feature. And in some cases I was just stupid enough to forget to take pictures before sending them back to their owners. Now I think about it. I probably did twice as much face-ups. But I am just overjoyed to be able to say I have 60 face-ups I did want to take pictures of, and of which (at the time) thought were amazing. Okay, maybe the face-ups in my first pictures are not as good as the face-ups right now. But it does show I grew a lot in my skills. Of which I am very proud. This face-up was also a little pride of mine. I love the details I was able to fit into that itty bitty tiny head of his, and he looks just adorable.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to bond with him so he has found a new home with a new loving owner.
But I still wanted to show you all this adorable face and face-up

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