Thursday, January 14, 2016

3/5 of a whole

Picture info:

Jules (L) is a Monodee rich
face-up: Default
Brandon (M) is a Dream of doll dream head 11
face-up: Default
Cameron (R) is a switch soseo
face-up: AmariexCiryatan

The story behind the picture:
As some of you might know I sold a whole lot of dolls last year because I was not happy with the molds anymore. And four of those dolls were a part of my BJD band called Rebels Ruin.
The only band member that survived the massive change in my crew was Brandon.
From Day 1 my plan was to slowly reshell every single member of the band I had sold.
But I never expected it would be so hard.
Finding the right sculpts for the characters is proving to be a pain in my behind.
I don't want to make the same mistake I did with their former molds and end up not being able to bond with them.
So progress of reshelling them is a slow going process. But I am okay with that. I'd rather go slow and do it right, that fast and ending up with bonding issues again.
At this time I am half way through my reshelling process.
I have reshelled 2 of  the 4 sold dolls. I have been able to reshell Jules and Jay. The lather one I renamed Cameron as I just was not feeling the name Jay for his current mold.
The only two still missing are the brother Kaleb and Kai.
I do have to admit; I miss having those two in my crew. But I know one day they will return. As soon as I found the perfect mold for them and saved up the money to buy them.
But for now I am overjoyed to have these three at home whom I love dearly.

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