Saturday, November 28, 2015

Busy busy me

Lately I have been swamped in work.
Something I don't mind at all, don't get me wrong.
I have been working hard on making items for my Etsy shop, but mostly of all I have been busy with my new job and doing face-up commission.
About a little over a month ago I got myself a new job that keeps me away from home 2 days a week and keeps me busy another two evenings a week at home.
The rest of the days in the week have been consumed by face-up commission.
I have been so lucky that I have been receiving so many request for face-ups, and I love dong them.
But I got a little to consumed in making them head pretty and getting them back to their happy owners, that I forgot making end result pictures of most of them
Yes, I know. I am an idjit for doing so. Luckily some of the commissions have been by friends, so I can ask  them if I can take pictures of the heads when I see them again. Others, I am not so lucky with. 
I am trying to collect as much pictures of the face-ups as I can, so I can update you all on my latest work.
So.... expect some updating of my portfolio in the near future. (okay maybe a lot of updating, I have been lacking in updating due to me being so busy, sorry about hat)

I would like to give a shout out to the people who are wanting a face-up commission by me in December. Better hurry up in contacting me, I am almost full for the month!

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