Sunday, October 18, 2015


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As some of you know I recently reshelled Patch from my leeke Romeo to my Dream of doll Code 2.
Now I hear you think.... This doll is not a code 2 mold.
True! Yo are right.
After some time I knew the code 2 was not meant to stay Patch. He was meant to be a temporary shell for one of my most precious characters.
He was meant to be Patch until found the right mold for his character.
And about a week ago I found Patch in an unexpected corner. I found him in the mold I had used until then for my character Luca.
He has that playfulness and that arrogance that the character has.
He is just perfect for Patch. And I am so happy to know my search is finally done.

Patch is a luts delf claus and belongs to me
face-up: Colaboration of Amariexciryatan & soft poison
Patch's profile:

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