Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Picture info:

Castor is a Doll family H Yehua and belongs to me
Face-up: by amaranthe-arts

The story behind the picture:

Finally I can show you all this man in his final form I have had him for a few months now, but he was still a work in progress as I did not have the right eyes and wig for him.
And it took me so long to get him completed as the wig I ordered for him took 6 weeks to get here. Postal services were so slow.
But what was worse was the fact that when the wig arrived, it didn't suit him one bit.
I thought the color of the wig would be more of a golden blonde but it turned out to be a white blonde and that just didn't look good on him at all.
But luckily for me it did suit my newest boy so it was not a total waste.
But that left me a wig short for this man.
Turned out I had the right wig in my collection all along.
Only problem was. It belonged to Maddox.
So after some wig swapping action Maddox has got a new one to and now all is well and good in wig land.
And I absoluuuutely love this man. (to get a bit back on topic haha)

I love how he looks, how he is so different from his brother Cade but also how much he does look like his brother at the same time. (Cade is the same mold as he is)

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