Saturday, January 31, 2015

From the dark

Picture info:

Lucien is a Dollzone raymond and belongs to: AmariexCiryatan
Face-up: By me

The story behind the picture:

A dark room, a single light and one hell of a handsome doll.

I have had the pleasure of having this man for a sleepover for a few weeks not and yesterday I found myself making pictures of the face-up I did on him for my portfolio.
I had my studio lights out to make good and clear pictures and as I put his aside and wanted to take some pictures of another doll I have for a sleepover I found that the dark corner and the light of a single studio light was making one hell of a wonderful picture. So I put everything else aside and started snapping some pictures on black and white and they turned out so pretty. I am in love with how easily this man photographs.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Face-up commission #42

Picture info:

Face-up commission on two Hujoo Yomi boy's White skin
Both dolls belong to me
Face-ups are both done by me

Face-up Commission #41

Picture info:

Face-up Commission on a Dollzone Raymond.
Face-up by me
Doll belongs to: AmariexCiryatan

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Two new boys

I have a confession to make.
I broke my new years resolution, big time. *oops*

At the very beginning of this year I made a promise to myself to not buy any more heads unless  there is a body attached to it.
Wellllllllll......Atleast I stuck to my resolution for almost a month. *insert guilty weak smile*

One night me and my best friend were plotting with our doll chara's and when we got talking on how two of our dolls would meet up in their story line we came to the conclusion that the couple we had was not going to work out so well. That is when I somewhat jokingly said I had a chara I made up for Cat's story was still available. His name is Trajan or Trey for short and he is Cat's uncle.
Just a few moments later I ended up adding Trey to my wishlist of dolls planning on buying him when I got a change to get him with body.
But what I had not seen coming is that only a day later that very same friend apped me a picture of a doll a mutual doll friend was selling. And it was perfect. Perfect for Trey.
And within 24 hours I found myself coming to a deal with the seller to buy the doll from her.
I still can not believe it all went to very fast.
24 hours was all it took for me to break my promise. But then again, the head is very pretty. And honestly I am not regretting anything so far.
I made the payment today, and now I have to wait for an opportunity to go and pick him up, which will probably be in a week or two. So exited!!!! My handsome incubus man is coming home!
I am still keeping his mold a little bit of a secret still. So keep an eye out for more news on him.

But that is not all.
I was checking the new messages on a dutch BJD forum when I saw that YasminBJD had a DOD ducan on a feeler sale.
I am a HUGE fan of DOD and I already have 3 of their dolls. And the ducan was one I had on my wishlist. So I contacted her about it and only a couple of days later  the deal was made.
I have to admit I love trading/selling with her. She is so very nice and awesome!
I also made the payment for him today and to top it off I get the honor of doing the face-up of one of her dolls too as part of the buy.
He is going to be Varlow, who is a friend and co-worker of Aspen my DOD dream head 4

I really can not wait for both of my new man to come home.
If all goes well Varlow should be here somewhere this week.

And to make time pass by quickly I will throw myself onto doing a new face-up on one of my Hujoo Yomi's and work on a face-up commission for Vejitadmc's Luts Blanchet

Monday, January 26, 2015

Group picture 18: New years & BJD crafts meet

Picture info:

In this pic are a grand total of 42 dolls from:

And ofcourse myself.

The story behind the picture:

This is the groupshot on day one of the New Years & Crafts BJD meet that took place in my home this weekend.
It was an amazing weekend full of Dolls, laughter, crafty people and fun!

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Picture info:

Lucien is a dollzone Raymond and belongs to: AmariexCiryatan
Face-up: By me

The story behind the picture:

Lucien is here with me for a sleep over for a couple of weeks.
And I had the pleasure of doing his face-up in the meantime AND ofcourse get a good chance to take some pictures of this handsome man!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Together again at last

Picture info:

Sabin is a Dikadoll ruber vampire and belongs to me
Face-up: By me
Esuna is a Dollzone Celine and belongs to AmariexCiryatan
Face-up: by amaranthe-arts

The story behind the picture:

Sabin & Esuna

Once they had been together
Then they were pulled apart as one found a new owner
Now, they are together again

Let the bodies hit the floor

Today I got some help from my best friend with sorting out, which head suits best on which body.
I have been having headache about the subject for a looong time now sow I was happy my friend wanted to help me out with finally getting it sorted out.

So we undressed all bodies from their top clothes and laid them down on the ground headless.
All the heads went on my desk.

It was so funny to see I had to make pictures of it.
And now  that I am looking back to those pictures I can not help but sing.

 One, nothing wrong with me, 
Two, nothing wrong with me, 
Three, nothing wrong with me, 
Four, nothing wrong with me 
One, somethings gotta give, 
Two, somethings gotta give, 
Three, somethings gotta give 
Let the bodies hit the floor, 
Let the bodies hit the floor,
Let the bodies hit the floor, 
Let the bodies hit the flooooooooor

Friday, January 9, 2015

New Name

I've done it.

Something I have been wanting to do for quite some time.
I have changed my blog name and url.
I have been growing sick of the old name for quite some time. I had a feeling it just did not fit me anymore.
The reason why I have not changed everything earlier on is the fact that I was afraid people would not be able to find me anymore.
But then I realized that people mostly know me by my name Kyanara and not by my stupid and lame blog title.
So after coming to that conclusion I changed the blog name.
It feels good to finally have my blog and all my other things under the same name "Kyanara"

I hope you all like the new blog name, and will not shoot me for changing it.

(Now to change all the banners and stuffs. It does bring me a whole lot of work XD)