Sunday, November 30, 2014

Box opening: Alice in Labyrinth Isaac

A few days ago I received a package from the mailman.
One I had been waiting for he entire day, and after waiting endlessly on my doormat he came at 7 in the evening.
And I thought, Let's do a box opening for a change.

Tha box

Opening it up

Quickly unpacked it
OMG look at the cute pressies I got with the head
They are so awesome!

OMG the prettyneeeeees

And this is what he looked like after I removed his face-up.
He will get a new one very soon

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Face-up Commission #38

Picture info:

Face-up Commission on: Fairyland Yder Elf
For: HeadbangsterV 
Face-up: by me

Friday, November 28, 2014

Behind the scene's - Round and round we go

Over the many months of this blog's existence you probably have seen many pictures of my dolls, my face-ups and other things I do in the hobby. But never have I told you where it all goes down. Where do I create all those face-ups? Where do my dolls reside when they are not photographed or cuddled with? Where do I keep all my doll related stuff? Well, I thought it was about time I'd show you in a series of behind the scene's posts. 

 This is going to be the very last blog post in the behind the scene's series.
You have seen pictures of my work spaces, my storage cabinets and many many more things.
What more can I possibly show you?

Wellll... how about some video's?
The pictures can only show you so much of my room. But what gives a better idea of the room than a little video?

This first video was made a little while back, right after I finished decorating the room.
Some things have changed over time, but most of it is still the same.
It will give you a good idea of how  it looks when you put all those pictures together.
(p.s. If you look closely you can see my studio lights hiding in the hallway XD)

The second video I am going to show you is one that is one that I made recently. Although a few things did change it's not as much as with the first one.
But this video I made in the dark.
I spend a lot of time in that room.
In the daylight hours I do a lot of the crafts work, because you need the light for that.
But when darkness fall I go back up to that room and just enjoy my dolls.
And this is what the room looks like then,

Well..... that concludes all that I can show you.
There is no secret left of what goes on behind the scene's
I really enjoyed making these posts for you.
I hope you all have enjoyed this little peek behind the curtain.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Behind the scene's - Needles, brushes and flashes

Over the many months of this blog's existence you probably have seen many pictures of my dolls, my face-ups and other things I do in the hobby. But never have I told you where it all goes down. Where do I create all those face-ups? Where do my dolls reside when they are not photographed or cuddled with? Where do I keep all my doll related stuff? Well, I thought it was about time I'd show you in a series of behind the scene's posts.

This is going to be the third of the four behind the scene's blog posts.
Ever wondered where I make all those pictures?(most of them that is ofcourse) 
Where I do all my face-ups and my sewing?
You're gonna find out today!

creative explosion

This..... is my desk.
I think when you look at it you can understand why I call it my creative explosion, right?
This.... is where I do everything from face-ups, to sewing, styling, restringing. Even dressing my dolls. Everything I need is stuffed away somewhere on this desk.
I have 8 hanging baskets thingies on my desk.
The bottom 4 I use daily.
The hold my restringing tools like a string puller , clamps and ribbon.
Also, my magic sponges and hot glue sticks, Hair combs and brushes and my tools for jewelry making.
Face-caps, face protection, wigs storage protection and elastics, COA's brushes, pens and pencils, scissors, lenses, everything you might think you need I keep here.
Also my music system is tucked way here. I do love me some music while I work.
I have some candle holders on there to, call me crazy but I love to have burning candles around when I work.
And while I work hard I have Dex and Blaze looking down on me from their little seating shelves.

Not only do I use the desk for my crafts, I also use it as a reminder.

I have to confess I am a leaking mess when it comes to my idea's.
I get tons of awesome idea's, things I can make, things I want to do. But if I do not write them down. I completely forget about them, That is why I am so grateful of the magnetic whiteboard I have on my desk.
All my idea's get scribbled down so I do not forget.
As you can see. The list is very very long. And those zip bags and shirts I have stuck on there... yep those are also projects that still need to be finished.
(btw if you are wondering why I have a random string hanging there. It's for the lights XD)

Picture perfect

Do you remember those dolls sitting on my clothing cabinet from yesterday's post?

They are not there because I wanted to show them off.
This is actually where I make most of my pictures nowadays.
The cabinet gives the perfect height to the work space.
And the white wall behind it is perfect for making pictures when I am taking them indoors.
Normally I have two studio light standing in front of it, but I stuffed them away to make a better picture.
(Ow and.... Frey. Quinn, Aiden, Patch and Bentley say Hi!)

So know you know all about my little slice of dolly heaven.
You have seen every little spot I have, and where I keep all that what means most to me.

There is nothing more that I can show you about my doll room, or is there.
I have said there would be a fourth blog post right.
What else can I possibly show you? 
You'll find out tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Behind the scene's - Storage mayhem

Over the many months of this blog's existence you probably have seen many pictures of my dolls, my face-ups and other things I do in the hobby. But never have I told you where it all goes down. Where do I create all those face-ups? Where do my dolls reside when they are not photographed or cuddled with? Where do I keep all my doll related stuff? Well, I thought it was about time I'd show you in a series of behind the scene's posts.

This time I will focus on where I keep all my doll related stuff. 

Stuff? What stuff?
Think. Doll clothes, shoes, wigs, jewelry, accessories, fabrics for sewing doll clothes, face-up necessities etc etc.

Many of you doll owners out there probably know that with a doll comes a lot of other things. You want your doll to have an extra set of clothes, maybe a few different wigs and eyes. All those things can take up a whole lot of space when you have as many dolls as I have.
So here is how I manage to store all of the things I need.

The little stuff's

You have probably seen these pictures in my first behind the scene's post,
But these cabinets are use for more that just doll stashing.
They are also used to store a lot of little accessories.
In the first picture you see my SD storage cabinet.
On top of the cabinet I have created a little display of some of the accessories and props I have for my dolls. The Black little cabinet belongs to one of my characters Sebastian, who I still need to buy, but he already has his cabinet. I have Felan's skateboards there as well. Patch his Starbucks mug with some of his liquor.  Brandons bass guitar, Jules's acoustic guitar . A colorfull drawer system wich hold the glasses of my dolls and the hairclips and many more little things.

The white cabinet on the second picture holds the more body oriented accessories. Think, scarfs, hats jewelry etc etc.
These are stored in little drawers systems by name. yes I am a organizing freak like that.

Boxes and boxes.... and more boxes.

Look at all the pretty boxes!
8 pretty pink boxes.

This.... is where I keep most ( no, not all) of my doll clothing and shoes.
Every box has a label. These labels tell me which dolls clothes are in which box.
Some dolls share a box, some have their own box.

I found using these boxes makes my room a little bit more tranquil looking in stead of using all types of different size and color boxes. The room already is quite busy with decorations and all, so using different boxes would really make it a mayhem in a room.

Wanna know why those dolls are on top?
You can read that in another behind the scene's post.

The wooden brothers

And last but not least my two big wooden brothers.
These two massive cases hold a lot of stuff.
On the bottom of the right one you can see two of the same pink boxes that I have used in the clothes case. These two also hold clothes, but didn't fit in in the other case anymore.
The two white basket above hold all my doll wigs.
yes,  need two large baskets, cause I really do have a lot of wigs.
Even so much that the little white baskets above them also contain wigs. *oops*
The other case is mainly used to store all the fabrics I have that still need to be turned into doll clothes. They also hold my jewelry making cases and three baskets with clothes and scarfs. A basket with glue, magic sponges, nails polish remover and that kinds of stuff. And my photo albums.
And last but not least.... a small part of my stuffed animal collection.
Just a small part though, hahaha

Now..... you know all about how I store my things.
but most of all you know how insanely much stuff I own for m dolls

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Behind the scene's - Doll stashing

Over the many months of this blog's existence you probably have seen many pictures of my dolls, my face-ups and other things I do in the hobby.
But never have I told you where it all goes down. Where do I create all those face-ups? Where do my dolls reside when they are not photographed or cuddled with?
Where do I keep all my doll related stuff?
Well, I thought it was about time I'd show you in a series of behind the scene's posts.

In this post I will show you where I keep my dolls when they are not being photographed or played with.

Were do I stash my dolls?

Let's first start off by saying that I am a very lucky girl, because I have a special room that is totally dedicated to my dolls and arts and crafts projects. The room often  gets called the doll room or the red room.
Fact is..... I hijacked one of the bedrooms and turned it into my little slice of heaven.
Okay so now that we got that out of the way, let's get back on track with this posts subject......


The hound hideout
Will you believe me when I say I bought his closet specially for my dolls larger (hound) dolls?
Welll..... I did. The bottom part of it is currently being used as a place to store my dollie accessories and some arts and crafts stuff. When the time comes that I will own more that 4 large bodies I will pull out the stuff and use it for dolls storage as well.
Currently I do not own 4 large dolls so I can still use it as storage. 

At the moment I own 2 large bodied dolls. One of them you can see sitting in the top drawer, and the one in the second drawer is actually a sleepover guest.
The drawers easily fit 2 dolls a drawer.
Here's a a little close up for you all!

(btw: Yes that pretty woman in the bottom drawer is very tall.)

I have lined the bottoms of the drawers with a fleece blanket for protection and it also prevents them from shifting when you open or close the drawers.
As you can see the drawers are perfect for doll stashing. They fit in snugly and and safe.

And... the top makes a very pretty pantry! Let's not forget that.

The SD Stash-out

These drawers have been with me for a really long time. They have been used for so many things. Clothes, dvd's cd's, random crap. Pretty much everything you can think of. I already had them when I was still living in my parents home. It's a very sturdy thing, and it seems as if it is indestructible.
But for the last two years it has been the place where I keep my SD dolls.

The drawers bottoms again have a fleece covering, but I also covered the see through part of the drawers with fleece to keep the sun out. That's why there are little paws visible. My little room get a hell of a lot of sun a day, so I thought it safer to just line every drawer so the sun doesn't get to the dolls. I am not a person who is scared of dolls yellowing, It's gonna happen sooner or later anyways, but keeping them in full sunlight for the most part of the day is something I do not want either.

The drawers fit 2 SD dolls a drawer, So in total I have 6 dolls in there. In the bottom drawer you can see Cameron and a little bit of Dunstan, keeping one another company.

Head  ahoy

I own a lot of doll heads.
Almost all of my dolls share a body. There are only 4 dolls in my collection that do not share a body. The rest of my gang share's their body with at least one other doll.
Personally I do not mind at all. I know many people do not like having floating heads, but I do not have a real problem with it.
I am saving up big time to get myself more bodies, my goal is to get them all their own body at some point... but my goal for now is to make sure that every head only share's with one other doll head. If I reach that point I will be very happy.
Did you count the heads inside?
Yep.... 15 dolls heads
Every drawer has 5 heads in it.
They are organized by the body they share so I can easily find them.

Again the bottom is lined with fleece or some other kind of blanket.
And if you are wondering where their headcaps are.
I keep them lined up behind the heads, so that's why you can not see them in the pictures.

So... now you know where I keep my dolls.
I hope you enjoyed reading about it. And keep an eye out for the other behind the scene's posts!

Monday, November 24, 2014

The ending of our lives together

It's still a little hard to wrap my head around, and it is still really awkward.......But yesterday I made the decision to sell the very first doll I ever ordered.
For many many many years I said, I will never sell my girl Liza who is a resinsoul Mei purple skin.
But for the last nine months or so I have been having huge bonding issues with her.
She is a really pretty doll, but that was it. She just sat in a chair, or resided in my dollie closet. And I really didn't do anything with her. And it's has taken many weeks for me to even be able to make the decision to sell her. I have tried to make things work, by giving her new clothes, a new wig, and even new eyes. But nothing worked, nothing was able to ignite that spark that once was.

Not only have I decided to sell my Mei, I have also decided to sell my boy Ira.Which actually means.... I will be getting rid of all my MSD dolls.
Unfortunately I also lost my connection with this cutie. The decision to sell him was not as hard as it was with Liza, but it still was a hard one to make. But I had to do it. I just could not make myself believe there was a connection anymore.

I have been contemplating why this is happened to me. Why I had lost all interest in my MSD dolls.
And I think it's due to the fact that over the last year I have grown so much in the hobby. My tastes in dolls have changed. I used to love small dolls en girly dolls, and had multiple Yo-sd girls and msd dolls.
My Yo-sd I sold many moths back, and now my MSD. With that fact in mind I can honestly say, I prefer the SD and larger dolls over the smaller ones. And.... I prefer male over female.
Ofcourse that is not a bad thing. Not at all of you ask me. But it hurts a little when you have to make decision like these.

Fortunately I can say that both of them have found amazingly awesome new homes already and I am also happy to say that even though they are not mine anymore, they will not leave my life completely.
Both of them have found new owners that also happen to be close friends of mine. So Yay! for that.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fangs vs Claws

Picture info:

Sabin is a Dikadoll ruber vampire and belongs to me
Face-up by: me

Luca is a luts delf claus and belongs to AmariexCiryatan
Face-up by: AmariexCiryatan

The story behind the picture:

Vampire vs Werewolf The unlikely but very deadly couple Sabin & Luca
But Damn do they look hot together!

Fact is, these two were not supposed to be a couple at all.
Sabin was at first coupled with Esuna and Luca was coupled wit Rhadge.
But for all kinds of different reasons those couples just did not work out the way me and Amarie had wanted them to.
Putting these two together was a quick whim from Amarie and dam did it work out well.
These two fir together so well. Both are very strong willed alpha characters, that together are unstoppable.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dunstan & Ryuna

Picture info:

Ryuna is a Luts Blanchet and belongs to: AmariexCiryatan 
Face-up: by AmariexCiryatan

Dunstan is a Akagidoll Lan with eye mod and belongs to me
Face-up: by me
Mods: by AmariexCiryatan

The story behind the picture:

Together at last.
This cute couple stole my heart.

p.s. check those awesome tight skinny jeans Dunstan is wearing ;)
Made them myself!

Monday, November 17, 2014

....I promise you.....

Picture info:

Yael is a Migidoll Shion and belongs to: AmariexCiryatan
face-up: by soft poison
Aspen is a dream of doll dream head 4 and belongs to me
face-up: By me

The story behind the picture:

"Look at me..... I promise you......" 

When posing these two for the picture I was aiming for something cute, but what came out was just... Hnng Iep.
When I look at the picture now I can imagine how Yael is trying to convince Aspen he is not going anywhere anytime soon.
And I love it!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Face-up Commission #37

Picture info:

Face-up Commission on: Dikadoll Ruber Vampire
Face-up done my me
 Doll belongs to me

Thursday, November 6, 2014

New styling

Picture info:

Kars is a Bobobie Apollo and belongs to me
Face-up and piercings: by me

The story behind the picture:

After having some fun with one of those dress-up games, trying to make it look like my boy Kars, I kinda fell in love with the look I created for him there. So.... I figured I had to give it a go in trying to make him look like I had made him look in that game thing.
So after messing with is hair for he longest time I am finally pleased with how he looks. It's not really that different from his former style, but I just like it was better the way it is now then before.