Monday, November 24, 2014

The ending of our lives together

It's still a little hard to wrap my head around, and it is still really awkward.......But yesterday I made the decision to sell the very first doll I ever ordered.
For many many many years I said, I will never sell my girl Liza who is a resinsoul Mei purple skin.
But for the last nine months or so I have been having huge bonding issues with her.
She is a really pretty doll, but that was it. She just sat in a chair, or resided in my dollie closet. And I really didn't do anything with her. And it's has taken many weeks for me to even be able to make the decision to sell her. I have tried to make things work, by giving her new clothes, a new wig, and even new eyes. But nothing worked, nothing was able to ignite that spark that once was.

Not only have I decided to sell my Mei, I have also decided to sell my boy Ira.Which actually means.... I will be getting rid of all my MSD dolls.
Unfortunately I also lost my connection with this cutie. The decision to sell him was not as hard as it was with Liza, but it still was a hard one to make. But I had to do it. I just could not make myself believe there was a connection anymore.

I have been contemplating why this is happened to me. Why I had lost all interest in my MSD dolls.
And I think it's due to the fact that over the last year I have grown so much in the hobby. My tastes in dolls have changed. I used to love small dolls en girly dolls, and had multiple Yo-sd girls and msd dolls.
My Yo-sd I sold many moths back, and now my MSD. With that fact in mind I can honestly say, I prefer the SD and larger dolls over the smaller ones. And.... I prefer male over female.
Ofcourse that is not a bad thing. Not at all of you ask me. But it hurts a little when you have to make decision like these.

Fortunately I can say that both of them have found amazingly awesome new homes already and I am also happy to say that even though they are not mine anymore, they will not leave my life completely.
Both of them have found new owners that also happen to be close friends of mine. So Yay! for that.

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