Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Behind the scene's - Storage mayhem

Over the many months of this blog's existence you probably have seen many pictures of my dolls, my face-ups and other things I do in the hobby. But never have I told you where it all goes down. Where do I create all those face-ups? Where do my dolls reside when they are not photographed or cuddled with? Where do I keep all my doll related stuff? Well, I thought it was about time I'd show you in a series of behind the scene's posts.

This time I will focus on where I keep all my doll related stuff. 

Stuff? What stuff?
Think. Doll clothes, shoes, wigs, jewelry, accessories, fabrics for sewing doll clothes, face-up necessities etc etc.

Many of you doll owners out there probably know that with a doll comes a lot of other things. You want your doll to have an extra set of clothes, maybe a few different wigs and eyes. All those things can take up a whole lot of space when you have as many dolls as I have.
So here is how I manage to store all of the things I need.

The little stuff's

You have probably seen these pictures in my first behind the scene's post,
But these cabinets are use for more that just doll stashing.
They are also used to store a lot of little accessories.
In the first picture you see my SD storage cabinet.
On top of the cabinet I have created a little display of some of the accessories and props I have for my dolls. The Black little cabinet belongs to one of my characters Sebastian, who I still need to buy, but he already has his cabinet. I have Felan's skateboards there as well. Patch his Starbucks mug with some of his liquor.  Brandons bass guitar, Jules's acoustic guitar . A colorfull drawer system wich hold the glasses of my dolls and the hairclips and many more little things.

The white cabinet on the second picture holds the more body oriented accessories. Think, scarfs, hats jewelry etc etc.
These are stored in little drawers systems by name. yes I am a organizing freak like that.

Boxes and boxes.... and more boxes.

Look at all the pretty boxes!
8 pretty pink boxes.

This.... is where I keep most ( no, not all) of my doll clothing and shoes.
Every box has a label. These labels tell me which dolls clothes are in which box.
Some dolls share a box, some have their own box.

I found using these boxes makes my room a little bit more tranquil looking in stead of using all types of different size and color boxes. The room already is quite busy with decorations and all, so using different boxes would really make it a mayhem in a room.

Wanna know why those dolls are on top?
You can read that in another behind the scene's post.

The wooden brothers

And last but not least my two big wooden brothers.
These two massive cases hold a lot of stuff.
On the bottom of the right one you can see two of the same pink boxes that I have used in the clothes case. These two also hold clothes, but didn't fit in in the other case anymore.
The two white basket above hold all my doll wigs.
yes,  need two large baskets, cause I really do have a lot of wigs.
Even so much that the little white baskets above them also contain wigs. *oops*
The other case is mainly used to store all the fabrics I have that still need to be turned into doll clothes. They also hold my jewelry making cases and three baskets with clothes and scarfs. A basket with glue, magic sponges, nails polish remover and that kinds of stuff. And my photo albums.
And last but not least.... a small part of my stuffed animal collection.
Just a small part though, hahaha

Now..... you know all about how I store my things.
but most of all you know how insanely much stuff I own for m dolls

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