Thursday, November 27, 2014

Behind the scene's - Needles, brushes and flashes

Over the many months of this blog's existence you probably have seen many pictures of my dolls, my face-ups and other things I do in the hobby. But never have I told you where it all goes down. Where do I create all those face-ups? Where do my dolls reside when they are not photographed or cuddled with? Where do I keep all my doll related stuff? Well, I thought it was about time I'd show you in a series of behind the scene's posts.

This is going to be the third of the four behind the scene's blog posts.
Ever wondered where I make all those pictures?(most of them that is ofcourse) 
Where I do all my face-ups and my sewing?
You're gonna find out today!

creative explosion

This..... is my desk.
I think when you look at it you can understand why I call it my creative explosion, right?
This.... is where I do everything from face-ups, to sewing, styling, restringing. Even dressing my dolls. Everything I need is stuffed away somewhere on this desk.
I have 8 hanging baskets thingies on my desk.
The bottom 4 I use daily.
The hold my restringing tools like a string puller , clamps and ribbon.
Also, my magic sponges and hot glue sticks, Hair combs and brushes and my tools for jewelry making.
Face-caps, face protection, wigs storage protection and elastics, COA's brushes, pens and pencils, scissors, lenses, everything you might think you need I keep here.
Also my music system is tucked way here. I do love me some music while I work.
I have some candle holders on there to, call me crazy but I love to have burning candles around when I work.
And while I work hard I have Dex and Blaze looking down on me from their little seating shelves.

Not only do I use the desk for my crafts, I also use it as a reminder.

I have to confess I am a leaking mess when it comes to my idea's.
I get tons of awesome idea's, things I can make, things I want to do. But if I do not write them down. I completely forget about them, That is why I am so grateful of the magnetic whiteboard I have on my desk.
All my idea's get scribbled down so I do not forget.
As you can see. The list is very very long. And those zip bags and shirts I have stuck on there... yep those are also projects that still need to be finished.
(btw if you are wondering why I have a random string hanging there. It's for the lights XD)

Picture perfect

Do you remember those dolls sitting on my clothing cabinet from yesterday's post?

They are not there because I wanted to show them off.
This is actually where I make most of my pictures nowadays.
The cabinet gives the perfect height to the work space.
And the white wall behind it is perfect for making pictures when I am taking them indoors.
Normally I have two studio light standing in front of it, but I stuffed them away to make a better picture.
(Ow and.... Frey. Quinn, Aiden, Patch and Bentley say Hi!)

So know you know all about my little slice of dolly heaven.
You have seen every little spot I have, and where I keep all that what means most to me.

There is nothing more that I can show you about my doll room, or is there.
I have said there would be a fourth blog post right.
What else can I possibly show you? 
You'll find out tomorrow!

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