Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Behind the scene's - Doll stashing

Over the many months of this blog's existence you probably have seen many pictures of my dolls, my face-ups and other things I do in the hobby.
But never have I told you where it all goes down. Where do I create all those face-ups? Where do my dolls reside when they are not photographed or cuddled with?
Where do I keep all my doll related stuff?
Well, I thought it was about time I'd show you in a series of behind the scene's posts.

In this post I will show you where I keep my dolls when they are not being photographed or played with.

Were do I stash my dolls?

Let's first start off by saying that I am a very lucky girl, because I have a special room that is totally dedicated to my dolls and arts and crafts projects. The room often  gets called the doll room or the red room.
Fact is..... I hijacked one of the bedrooms and turned it into my little slice of heaven.
Okay so now that we got that out of the way, let's get back on track with this posts subject......


The hound hideout
Will you believe me when I say I bought his closet specially for my dolls larger (hound) dolls?
Welll..... I did. The bottom part of it is currently being used as a place to store my dollie accessories and some arts and crafts stuff. When the time comes that I will own more that 4 large bodies I will pull out the stuff and use it for dolls storage as well.
Currently I do not own 4 large dolls so I can still use it as storage. 

At the moment I own 2 large bodied dolls. One of them you can see sitting in the top drawer, and the one in the second drawer is actually a sleepover guest.
The drawers easily fit 2 dolls a drawer.
Here's a a little close up for you all!

(btw: Yes that pretty woman in the bottom drawer is very tall.)

I have lined the bottoms of the drawers with a fleece blanket for protection and it also prevents them from shifting when you open or close the drawers.
As you can see the drawers are perfect for doll stashing. They fit in snugly and and safe.

And... the top makes a very pretty pantry! Let's not forget that.

The SD Stash-out

These drawers have been with me for a really long time. They have been used for so many things. Clothes, dvd's cd's, random crap. Pretty much everything you can think of. I already had them when I was still living in my parents home. It's a very sturdy thing, and it seems as if it is indestructible.
But for the last two years it has been the place where I keep my SD dolls.

The drawers bottoms again have a fleece covering, but I also covered the see through part of the drawers with fleece to keep the sun out. That's why there are little paws visible. My little room get a hell of a lot of sun a day, so I thought it safer to just line every drawer so the sun doesn't get to the dolls. I am not a person who is scared of dolls yellowing, It's gonna happen sooner or later anyways, but keeping them in full sunlight for the most part of the day is something I do not want either.

The drawers fit 2 SD dolls a drawer, So in total I have 6 dolls in there. In the bottom drawer you can see Cameron and a little bit of Dunstan, keeping one another company.

Head  ahoy

I own a lot of doll heads.
Almost all of my dolls share a body. There are only 4 dolls in my collection that do not share a body. The rest of my gang share's their body with at least one other doll.
Personally I do not mind at all. I know many people do not like having floating heads, but I do not have a real problem with it.
I am saving up big time to get myself more bodies, my goal is to get them all their own body at some point... but my goal for now is to make sure that every head only share's with one other doll head. If I reach that point I will be very happy.
Did you count the heads inside?
Yep.... 15 dolls heads
Every drawer has 5 heads in it.
They are organized by the body they share so I can easily find them.

Again the bottom is lined with fleece or some other kind of blanket.
And if you are wondering where their headcaps are.
I keep them lined up behind the heads, so that's why you can not see them in the pictures.

So... now you know where I keep my dolls.
I hope you enjoyed reading about it. And keep an eye out for the other behind the scene's posts!

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  1. Thank you for showing your organizing methods! I haunt an apartment organizing site for ideas but nothing related to doll storage.

    I have to be 'anon' or blogger doesn't seem to allow me through.
    Raj @ sewing box designs


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