Monday, October 20, 2014

Fluffy McFluffins

Picture info:

Felan is a Luts delf Claus on a mirodoll 68 body and belongs to me
Face-up: By me

The story behind the picture:

Poor Felan has been sitting around in a drawer for about a month now without a wig.
The wig he has was just a abomination of a wig. The fibers were cheap and there really was no way of styling it and making it look good on him.
I kept the wig, because it was the same wig his twin sister Luca was wearing, ( luke belongs to my best friend AmarieXciryatan on DeviantArt. But when she changed Luca's wig, I had a chance to do so too. I didn't have infinite funds so with a little help I was able to get him a new fur wig. It took him a massive time of a little more than over a month to get here, Agony I tell ya ;)
I loved the thing on the company pictures and when it came in it was so fluffy and pretty. But on his head. A whole different story. It just didn't suit him.
I also got in another wig I ordered for a new character of mine, but that also turned out to be a big flop on the head I bought it for.
Clever me thought. Maybe a switch between the two would work.
It surely worked out for Felan. For my other head. Not so much.
But I am glad I at least have a wig that suits Felan. I could not stand him laying there all bald and pathetic.
And.... I have to say it
But it suits him so well.
Fluffy (cough) little (cough) werewolf.
In a way it reminds me of his old wig, but that waaaaaay better and prettier.
It's such a beautiful color blonde.
The wig I got for him at first I still have. It's moved on to the spare wig's box. Perhaps one day I'll find someone for it. It is so pretteh aswell, I;m sure I can find a head that will rock it.

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