Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Picture info:
Aspen is a Dream of doll dream head 4 and belongs to me
Face-up: by me

The story behind the picture:
I was so overjoyed that it came in and I had to try it on right away.
Wow that was a disaster. It didn't suit him one bit. So I went on a crazy search for the right wig.
And with that his character, cause that was something I was having problems with as well.
When I got him I was planning him to become one of my tougher bad ass characters, but the more I looked at him the more I was doubting if he could ever become what I wanted him to become.
He had this cuteness over him, a cuteness I could not use in the character I wanted him to be.
After a lot of wigs switches I was torn between two wigs. A blond and white wavy one that was initially ordered for another doll who walked away with the wigs I bought for this one, and the black one.
I can say I was utterly torn, but when the time came to do a face-up I knew I had to go with the black. It just suited him so much better that anything else I had tried on him.
When it came to his character I kept an open mind. A face-up can change a doll so much, and I could not be sure if he was going to end up a cutie or a bad ass.
As you can see, he is not really all to bad ass.
And I had just the perfect character laying around for this cute little face.

His Name...... Aspen, my little geek boy

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