Monday, October 27, 2014


Picture info:

Cameron is a leekeworld Kyou on a mirodoll boy and belongs to me
Face-up: By me

The story behind the picture:

A random shot of my boy Cameron that turned out really well as I always seem to struggle with his eyes, looking all wonky and cross eyed.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Picture info:
Aspen is a Dream of doll dream head 4 and belongs to me
Face-up: by me

The story behind the picture:
I was so overjoyed that it came in and I had to try it on right away.
Wow that was a disaster. It didn't suit him one bit. So I went on a crazy search for the right wig.
And with that his character, cause that was something I was having problems with as well.
When I got him I was planning him to become one of my tougher bad ass characters, but the more I looked at him the more I was doubting if he could ever become what I wanted him to become.
He had this cuteness over him, a cuteness I could not use in the character I wanted him to be.
After a lot of wigs switches I was torn between two wigs. A blond and white wavy one that was initially ordered for another doll who walked away with the wigs I bought for this one, and the black one.
I can say I was utterly torn, but when the time came to do a face-up I knew I had to go with the black. It just suited him so much better that anything else I had tried on him.
When it came to his character I kept an open mind. A face-up can change a doll so much, and I could not be sure if he was going to end up a cutie or a bad ass.
As you can see, he is not really all to bad ass.
And I had just the perfect character laying around for this cute little face.

His Name...... Aspen, my little geek boy

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Face-up Commission #36

Picture info:

Face-up commission on a Dream of Doll Dream head 4
Doll belongs to myself, and face-up is done by me.

The story behind the picture:
I have had this boy sitting on my desk for more that three weeks now I believe.
There have been many reasons why I didn´t get to him sooner which I will explain in another post.
But for now I just wanted to share his face-up, cause I absolutely love how he turned out.
He is exactly how I wanted him to be, cute and adorable.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fluffy McFluffins

Picture info:

Felan is a Luts delf Claus on a mirodoll 68 body and belongs to me
Face-up: By me

The story behind the picture:

Poor Felan has been sitting around in a drawer for about a month now without a wig.
The wig he has was just a abomination of a wig. The fibers were cheap and there really was no way of styling it and making it look good on him.
I kept the wig, because it was the same wig his twin sister Luca was wearing, ( luke belongs to my best friend AmarieXciryatan on DeviantArt. But when she changed Luca's wig, I had a chance to do so too. I didn't have infinite funds so with a little help I was able to get him a new fur wig. It took him a massive time of a little more than over a month to get here, Agony I tell ya ;)
I loved the thing on the company pictures and when it came in it was so fluffy and pretty. But on his head. A whole different story. It just didn't suit him.
I also got in another wig I ordered for a new character of mine, but that also turned out to be a big flop on the head I bought it for.
Clever me thought. Maybe a switch between the two would work.
It surely worked out for Felan. For my other head. Not so much.
But I am glad I at least have a wig that suits Felan. I could not stand him laying there all bald and pathetic.
And.... I have to say it
But it suits him so well.
Fluffy (cough) little (cough) werewolf.
In a way it reminds me of his old wig, but that waaaaaay better and prettier.
It's such a beautiful color blonde.
The wig I got for him at first I still have. It's moved on to the spare wig's box. Perhaps one day I'll find someone for it. It is so pretteh aswell, I;m sure I can find a head that will rock it.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

It started out so innocent (18+ post)

Picture info:
Cameron (bottom) is a Leekworld Kyou and belongs to me
face-up: By me

Noah is a Leekworld Lion and belongs to AmariexCiryatan
Face-up by: AmariexCiryatan

The story behind the picture:
This shoot started out so innocent, we just wanted to shoot some cute couple pictures of Cameron & Noah. Having them pose together in a cute way.... not in a..... welll this was.
But when I pulled out my new spoil of the last fleamarket we went to the idea of the cute was tossed out by the idea of smut.
And then... we got this.
This honestly was my first 18+ shoot I have ever done with my dolls, and considering it is my first shoot like this. I think it turned out just perfect. hihihi #^.^#

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Face-up Commission #35

Picture info:

Face-up commission: Maskcat tiny
Commission for: Snowdrop
Face-up: By me

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New layout Blog and sites

Lately I have been a little irritated with the fact that the sites and the blog did not match all to well with one another. Both had different layouts and different colors and backgrounds and it just irked the freck out of me.

So today I buckled my self down on my couch and spend a whole day stuck in HTML world with colors and wallpapers and layouts. To make a more unified front out the them.
I made a layout for the sites that is identical for all three of them. I made new banners for all four sites that are also all identical, and used the same colors on all four sites.
yes the blog had a different background that the sites, but I think that is not too bad. The blog just didn't look right without a wallpaper for some reason.
And having done all that, I think I succeeded!

Go and have a look at the new layouts!
I hope you like them as much as I do.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Face-up Commission #34

Picture info:

Face-up commission: Fairyland pukifee Shiwoo vampire
Commission for: HeadbangsterV
Face-up: by me

Friday, October 10, 2014

Face-up Commission #33

Picture info:

Face-up commission : Luts Delf Moon
Commission for: HeadbangsterV
Face-up: by me

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Face-up Commission #32

Picture info:

Face-up Commission Luts Chiwoo
Commissionf for: HeadbangsterV
Face-up: By me