Sunday, August 10, 2014


Picture info:
Rhadge is an Angelsdoll Michael white skin and belongs to me
Face-up, Jewelry shirt, scarf and belts: by me
Leather coat by: Candy Angelz
Pants: by Nine9style
Wig: Brand Unknown

The story behind the picture:
My big mystery man. I have kept this one a secret from many I know except a couple of people close to me.
I bought this head at Dolliverse a couple of weeks ago and to be honest, I had to do a lot of imagining with this head,  because without a face-up this head is absolutely hideous. The first time I saw this head sitting on the table and picked it up I had hoped to find Zane, one of my OC's in this head. But I quickly put it down as it was absolutely horrendous looking. But every time I passed that table and saw that  head sitting there I had to pick it up and look at it. In some way I was drawn to this head. And every time I put it back down, feeling the same disgust when I saw it's features.  
Now comes the weird part.
Yes I bought it any ways, even when the little angel on my shoulder told me it might not be such a good idea. But when I googled his mold and saw the potential it had by looking at other owner pics I knew this one had to be mine. But doubt still got the better of me and it was only when me and my friend were on out way back to the car that I decided I could not leave it behind. I ran back and bought it. Knowing that this head was going to test  my face-up skills in a very big way. But I was ready for that challenge. I was in love with the potential in this head. 
It took me some time and a little help from my best friend to put his look together and when that was all said and done I started his face-up which turned out to be easier that I had imagined it to be

So without further bla bla for me I'd like to introduce to you all, 

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