Monday, August 11, 2014


Picture info:
Felan is a Luts delf claus on a mirodoll body and belongs to me
Face-up and Jewelry: By me
Shirt by: Tree design
Pants by: Nine9 style

Wig: Brand Unknown

The story behind the picture:
A little while ago a BJD friend opened up a split GO. I had been really sad when I found out I was to late to join the GO because all the split slots had been taken. But just before the order one of the slots became available again. The slot for a Luts Delf Claus head. The thought of joining was exhilarating. but for some reason I talked myself out of it. Something with a lack of funds, something I know every doll owner knows about, right? I was pleased with my decision and had almost forgot about it when my best friend said to me that a head had become available. I said to her that I knew bit didn't have the funds.
That was when she asked me.
"Do you want to make twins with me?"
And I was sold.
She was already in the Split go and was written down for the exact same head than the one still available. So I pmmed the Go leader and said I wanted the head. Funny thing is. I didn't pay for him. I traded him. Which also solved my problem with the lack of money. I did have to part with some amazing items I owner, but it was so worth it. He is so beautiful.
I have absolutely no regrets in getting him. He will get the surfer-dude look,which is kinda visible in the pic already but not completely.
He is also part of a twin, but more on the twin part in my  next blog post tomorrow.
Felan is the second Werewolf Chara I have ever owned. It just felt like to most natural thing for me to make him a were. Even before I could hold him in my hands I knew that he was a were in heart and soul.
He just screams... RAWWRRRR hihihi

Little fun fact.
He is Alpha of his own pack and my other wolf boy Frey is his best friend and second in command.

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