Saturday, August 16, 2014

Face-up Commission #27

Picture info:
face-up commission for my own doll Asleep eidolon Alex
face-up by me

The story behind the picture:
The people who have been paying attention have noticed that my Bentley recently was given a new face-up. And now he is popping up again with a new face-up. I had some very good reasons for doing so.
First of all, the last face-up he was given had so many little faults in them and it irritated me to no end knowing they were there. even if they did not show up on a picture or could be noticed by someone who wouldn't know they were there.
Besided that, his lips were Waaaaaaaaay to red for my taste. I know Bentley is a chara that needs his cutie red lips, but neon and was something I just could not get used to. Yes they really were neon red to me. Especially when you photographed him. All this together caused a massive dislike in him and he has been locked up in a drawer ever since. Which ofcourse is such a shame, he is just so cute. So last week I got so fed up with that face-up I decided that it was time to give him one that I was going to be proud about. And I can honestly say. I am proud of this face-up. And my love for his cutie face is back. CUTIIEEEEEEEE

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