Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Come with me love

Picture info:
Isolde wanted Kai to come and have a walk with her through the little castle @ avifauna , Alpen aan de rijn in the Netherlands. But Kai seems to have a totally different plan.

p.s. If you are missing Kai's glasses. You are right. He wears contacts every now and then ;)

Kai is a Luts winter event head 2011 on a resinsoul body and belongs to me
Face-up, Tie, Suspenders & Jewerly: by me
Shirt and gilet by: Saoera
Shoes and pants: Brand Unknown
Wig: For my doll
Isolde is a Luts mia ninetails and belongs to rasilverstorm
face-up: Default
Dress and accesories: Volks
Shoes: Brand Unknown
Wig: For my doll

The story behind the picture:
Never would I have thought I would be able to make such lovely pictures of these two at my hotel.
The hotel I slept in while me and my store were at Castlefest this year was situated at the gates of the Bird park Avifauna in the Netherlands. This I already knew when we drive up to the hotel, but I didn't know that we would have free entry to the park with out hotel key. So after dinner me, the male and close friend Ra Silverstorm went for a round in the park. That is when we saw this little castle bridge thingy. Me and fellow dollowner Ra Silverstorm both chimed it would be perfect for doll pictures but we passed it and went on our way to watch some awesome birds.
But when we came back and sat on the porch with a cold drink  the urge to make pictures was just to big. So we ran right up to our room. Yes, ran. No lie. and Grabbed these two beauties for some pictures. It was a bit of a challenge as the sun was setting, but I am so very pleased with how they turned out anyways. I love how these two dolls fit together so well. And I love how Kai is the smaller one of the two.

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