Monday, July 28, 2014

From spreading the word to owning

Not so very long ago I posted a sales post here on my blog to help my best friend sell one of her heads.
I must admit it was hard to see him go as I had fallen in love with him so hard.
I had always said. If you really can not sell him, I want him. But it never really came up again until out last meet at a mutual BJD friends place.
For some reason the subject of the head came up again and I repeated what I had told her before. Only to find out she didn't know. Little miss-communication. But it was that day the deal was made and not hours later I came home with a Dollzone Megi-A head.
I already knew who he was going to be.
Quinn. A character that was fairly new for me but I wanted him so bad nonetheless. Quinn is my cute but not so innocent little boy.

The picture shown is the picture I made after doing his face-up. He is also going to get the same wig, but I currently do not have it yet.
He has got light blue eyes (different from  the picture) and I added some cute freckles to his face-up.

As soon as I have him complete with clothes, eyes, wig etc etc I will post some pictures of him.

And that is kind of how my advert turned into an ownership. hihihi.

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