Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Together again

Picture info:
Cade is a Dollfamily H Yehua on a mirodoll 68 body and belongs to me:
Face-up and Jewerly by me
Blouse by: Another dimension
Pants: Nine9 style
Tanktop, wig and shoes: Brand unknown

Patch is a leekeworld romeo and belongs to me
Face-up, jewerly and tats: by me
Shirt: nine9 style modded by me
Wig: Monique
Pants, tanktop and shoes: Brand unknown

The story behind the picture:
It has been a while since I have been able to put these two together. Reason? Cade did not have a body. I used to have him on my 60 cm mirodoll body but that just was to small for him. And for my birthday Some really awesome people have me the 68 cm Mirodoll body. This finally creates the height difference I had always imagined there to be between the two of them. (although you can not really see it in this pic XD) And now.... They are flipping perfect!

 P.s. Can I say that I love way Patch is leaning in against Cade.....

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