Thursday, February 27, 2014

More body dancing

Not so very long ago I posted a blog post telling you all about the body switch dance I had with my doll bodies and my doll heads, and that I finally found a way to make it all fit.

Turns out. I was not done with body dancing and body switching after all. #whoops#

To freshen up you memory, here´s link to the previous blog post about this subject.

In the meantine... I recieved a few more heads, and one body.
A quick resume of my new dolls.
In the first message you find a doll with the name of Micah. Weeeelllll turns out the mold just wasn´t suitable for Micah and he turned out to be Kai, another chara I had on my wishlist.
Then came Kaleb my new leekeworld head, and totally to my own surprise Ira came along AND!!! a whole new SD body, The last two with many many many thanks to AmariexCiryatan who was willing to sell them to me. Thank you girl, love you! ♥

So Without boring you to death with tactics and reasons why I did what I did, Imma just give you a the old and the new dollie line up new doll line up as it is right now. Much easier, right?

Old line up: 
Exclusive dolls: 
Patch - leekeworld Romeo
Strider - AOD An
Liza- resinsoul Mei
Dex - Hujoo Yomi

Luts SDF body
Alex - Leekworld Luke
Micah - Luts winter event
head '11 (company picture)
Aiden - Leekeworld Kyle
Mirodoll boy
Cade - DollFamily H Yehua
Catalin - Modded resinsoul Feng

Asleep Eidonlon

Bentley - Asleep Eidolon Alex
Jules - DollFamily H
Anniversary '12
event head

Resinsoul Body

Paisley - Souldoll Jang Hwa
Brandon - Dream of Doll
Event head '11

New line up: 

Exclusive dolls: 
Patch - leekeworld Romeo
Dex - Hujoo Yomi
Liza- resinsoul Mei

Luts SDF body
Leekeworld Luke
Leekeworld Kyle
Doll family H anniversary event head '13

Mirodoll body #1
Catalin -
Modded resinsoul Feng

Mirodoll body #2
Dream of Doll Dream head 11
Doll Family H Yehua

Asleep Eidonlon
Asleep Eidolon Alex
leekworld Xion

Resinsoul Body
Souldoll Jang Hwa
Luts winter event head '11

AOD Body
Dreamding doll ryuna

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