Saturday, February 1, 2014

A lot has happened

And a lot has happened indeed.
I hardly know what to tell you first, but I figure starting at the very beginning is the best.
And the start  of the story starts with the arrival of my new Luts Winter event head of 2011.
From  the day I bought him off a very nice seller on DOA I figured he would be perfect for my character Micah and that he would match just perfectly with my Luts SDF body.
I could not have been more wrong on both parts!

The moment I ripped open the box came in I saw that the head was way less yellow that my body was, and
I did not even need the body beside it to see the difference. I think my body is just was more yellowed that everybody around me thought. ( not that I really mind though ). But having the head not matching the body one bit meant that I had to dive into my resin bodies and find a match.  He matched perfectly with my resinsoul body, but due to the neck of the resinsoul body being modded to fit a smaller head it looked a little wack. I knew my Asleep Eidolon body was just as pale as my resinsoul body so that was my second option and BAM! body found. But that left me wondering if the new body line up I made a few days earlier was still working for me. (see my last post for line up)
And I soon found I was growing a little unhappy with the set up with the luts head now sitting on another body. But it was an easy fix. A switch is probably a better word. I switches Jules his head for the new head. Jules went back to t he luts body he had always been on and the new head on  the Asleep Eidolon body Jules had been on. Problem solved.

It was already late in the evening when I got the head so I had to wait a day before I could do his face-up.
Keeping in mind he was going to be my Character names Micah I wanted him to look a little bad ass.
I should have know right there and then that this mold just does not lend it self to such a character.
It took me a whole lot longer that normal to finish the face-up on him and in the end this is what I got.

I was absolutely over the moon with this face-up, as it was the very first time I used acrylic paint for both the lashes and the eyebrows. Yes I have never used paint like this before. I never really dared to use it, afraid I would fail miserably. I only once before used paint on the lashes, but nothing more than that.
And by my own surprise it actually turned out just flipping perfect! I think I now understand the technique behind it, Yay!

And it was the very first time I  dared giving one of my guys a little beard!!! Which I adored so much. But the more I looked at it and despite how much I love the result. The head just did not match the face-up. The head was just to cute to be able to handle the face-up correctly. (guess I'll shelve that idea for another doll one day ) It was one of my best friends who came with the solution to all my problems. For which I am so utterly grateful!
Girl I love you to death!!!!!!
She actually suggested a character change. Change the head into a character that was still on my wishlist and was actually a little shy and cute character.
The characters name: Kaiko (member of my resinband).

I removed the face-up I gave the head the same day I put it on him. and because Light had already started to fade I had to wait until the next day to start a new one.
Early the next morning I took out my gear again and started the face-up.... again.
The result.... Is kind of similar in a way, but then again. Absolutely not! Also popped in some other eyes. And BAM! Kaiko was born. And he is just so damn cuuuuuuuuuute!

Meet Kaiko

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