Sunday, January 26, 2014

Do the body switch dance

I am gonna make a confession. Something many people do not know, but something I am not really ashamed of, but never really get to tell people other that the people that are close to me. It just  never comes up on blogs or other social media things.
Almost all my dolls share their body with other dolls.  Which basically means, I have more heads that bodies.
Yesterday I realized I might have gotten myself in some real problems. I have a Luts winter even head '11 on the way, and that boy does need a body too. Ofcourse I know that he will fit perfectly with my Luts SDF body. But that body already was claimed by three other heads. And I knew right there and then. Four heads on one body, is just t much. So I figured, let's see what I can do without needing to buy a new body, for which I currently am saving, but do no have the money yet. So I ended up doing the head and body dance with my dolls.

So.... Here's my dolly line-up by body before I started.

Exclusive dolls:
I have a few dolls that are exclusif to their bodies. Mostly those are my smaller dolls ( MSD/YO-SD)
And my Grail doll, he does not have to share either.
AOD Min - Strider
Resinsoul Mei - Liza
Hujoo yomi boy - Dex
Leekeworld romeo - Patch
Souldoll Jang Hwa/ resinsoul hybrid - Paisley

Sharing dolls:
                         - Aiden (Leekeworld Kyle)
Luts SDF body: -Alex (Leekeworld Luke)
                         - Jules (Dollfamily H anniversary 2012 event head)

Mirodoll SD body: - Cade (Dollfamily H Yehua)
                              - Cat (Modden Resinsoul Feng)

Asleep Eidolon body: -Bentley (Asleep Eidolon Alex)
                                   - Brandon (Dream of Doll D.O.T dream head 11)

So, this is what I started with. That was my doll collection chaos before I started the head and body dance.

My first thoughts was that my upcoming Luts winter event head '11 (who from now on will be called Micah) should go on the Luts SDF body I have. There was no doubt about that. But that meant one head had to be transferred to one of the other bodies I own. My very first thought was to put Aiden back on his old body, which is the Resinsoul body. But then my close friend reminded me I had the neck of my Resinsoul body for it to fit Paisley's head better, and the neck now was smaller that before. So putting Aiden with his wide neck back on that body was a No-Go. Then I remembered something else. I knew Jules could easily go on the asleep eidolon body. He had been on that body before I got the luts SDF body, and it matched perfectly. So there Jules went, and he became the first real switch. I was content with my choice for a long while. But after a few hours I realized. That If I would kept hings the way they were with the switch of Jules I would never ever be able to put the band mates and best friends Brandon and Jules in one picture. Then my friend mentioned that if I wanted tho make pictures, that Jules could borrow the SDF body for only the pictures. That would solve the problems, but somehow it felt only half a solution to me. I thought about it for a moment. And then the biggest light bulb of the day went on.
I squealed and ran right for my doll cabinet, my friend must have thought I had lost it when I sprang to action all happy and squealing like a newly born piglet.
I went to fetch Brandon's head from the cabinet and pulled Paisley as well.
The moment the light went on in the attic of my head I realized that Brandon in fact is a female head who I turned into a boy. And he in fact has a very small neck opening, just like Paisley has.
So I pulled Paisley, one of my exclusive dolls of his body and stuck Brandon on it instead. I knew of forehand the match would not be perfect, but the match was no worse that it had been with the asleep eidolon body he had been on before.
And Damn I wish I could have  thought of this sooner. Cause it was a match made in heaven. Brandon just looks so good on  the resinsoul body, that I knew right there and then, The second head and body switch had been made.
So, with that concluded. I knew I had my new line-up.
And this is it.

Exclusive dolls: 
Patch - leekeworld Romeo
Strider - AOD An
Liza- resinsoul Mei
Dex - Hujoo Yomi

Luts SDF body
Alex - Leekworld Luke
Micah - Luts winter event
head '11 (company picture)
Aiden - Leekeworld Kyle
Mirodoll boy
Cade - DollFamily H Yehua
Catalin - Modded resinsoul Feng

Asleep Eidonlon

Bentley - Asleep Eidolon Alex
Jules - DollFamily H
Anniversary '12
event head

Resinsoul Body

Paisley - Souldoll Jang Hwa
Brandon - Dream of Doll
Event head '11

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