Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Angel vs Demon

Finally. After waiting for so gawd damn long, my favorite couple is together at last.
Fallen Angel Patch & Demon Cade

Patch is a Leekeworld Romeo and belongs to me
Face-up by: Amaranthe-Arts
Cade is a Dollfamily H Yehua on a mirodoll body ad belongs to me
Face-up: By me

Friday, December 20, 2013

A decision made

Not very long ago I posted that I was in a major doubt about about which character I should make of  the new head I was about to order.
Missed that post? Read it here.
Wellllllll. In the time that had passed since I have order the doll, so I am absolutely over the moon and extremely excited about that. And I can't wait for him to get home.
But most importantly. I actually made up my mind as to who he is going to be
I must say I had a shitload of help from my closest BJD friends, and I believe they actually thought of me as a nag because I doubted so much and needed their help. (THNX! Ladies ;) Love you!) But finally I made my choice.
His name?
Matt Dragica.
His profile is still a work in progress, but it'll come... very soon.

I am so happy I now know who he is, now I can actually start making him some clothes and stuff like that.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Best friends

Best friends; Paisley & Alex

Paisley is a Souldoll Jang Hwa on a resinsoul body
Alex is a Leekworld Luke on a Luts senior delf body
Both dolls belong to me
Face-up and jewelry and clothing Alex: By me

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merry Christmas

Yael & Alex

Alex is a Leekworld Luke on a Luts Senior Delf body and belongs to me
Face-up & clothes: by me
Yael is a Migidoll Shion on a Luts Senior Delf body and belongs to AmariexCiryatan
Face-up: SoftPoison

Sunday, December 15, 2013


My god......
Choosing a character for a doll has never been so hard.
But before I go all nuts on you about chara's Let's start at the beginning.

I am a HUUUUUUUUGE Leekeworld fan, which is kind of bad for me because they stopped producing dolls all together. I am lucky that I have three beautiful Leeke boys at home. And then came the news, Winter event at leeke. And only for this winter event all dolls would be available for order just for a limited time. Ofcourse I could not let this chance pass. So I choose this beautiful head that I want to order. The Leekeworld Xion.

And then came the hard part. Choosing a character to go with the head.
I first started off thinking I could make him Kaleb. Then came the thought.. But what about Kai. He could be Kai too.
But But But, Bentley is so alone, why not make his best bud Matt out of him.
So many chara's that I would love to own.... Sigh
And now I am torn. I have no idea which chara I want most. Which chara would fit the mold best?
I have no Idea and I am totally lost. Sometimes the life of an owner can be so hard.
If only I could make up my mind.
Let's hope and pray I will be able to do so soon.

Under the Mistletoe

The very first picture of this new angelic couple.

Alex is a Leekeworld Luke on a Luts Senior Delf body and belongs to me
Face-up: Me
Yael is a Migidoll shion on a Luts senior Delf Body and belongs to AmariexCiryatan 
face-up by SoftPoison

Friday, December 6, 2013

New Items on my Etsy Shop

Today I added some new fun items to my Etsy shop.
I made cute and colorful sketchpads / notebooks for your BJD.
They are perfect for your SD or MSD dolls and are made from High Quality Paper and are available in 6 different designs.

Come and have a look at all the different designs I have.
Just click on the photo  to check them out.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Today I gave Cade a hot glue treatment to stop him from kicking the hell out of me. And he is so lovely now. No more kicking and falling and what not. So I thought, let's do some pics.

Cade is a Doll family-H Yehua on a mirdoll body.
Face-up: by me.