Thursday, August 8, 2013

Like Owner, Like doll

It was not so very long ago was thinking about how my dolls actually look like me in some way. Every doll has something of myself put into the, Some a little more that others, but all h ave something. whether it is in character or appearance.
Right there and then I though it would be awesome to show you how some of my dolls look like me and that is how this idea came to live. And now that Strider got the Tattoo I wanted him to have I could not resist shooting this.
Both Patch and Strider have sunglasses that are miniature versions of my own, and both of them also have tattoo's on the same lower arm that I have. And let's not forget my addiction to bracelets is also clearly visible on all three wrists. (It was never my intention to, it just happened.)

Patch (left): is a Leekeworld romeo and belongs to me
face-up by ~Amaranthe-Arts
Nails, tattoo's and jewerly: by me

Strider (middle): is an AOD An and belongs to me
Face-up, tattoo and jewerly: By me

Picture was taken by ~AmariexCiryatan

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  1. So cool to see that you put something of yourself into your dolls ^-^! I like the photo with all those sunglasses :).


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