Monday, July 22, 2013

Nightime church ruin shoot with Aiden

A week ago I visited the church ruins in Ammerzoden, with a close BJD friend of mine.
We went at night as the lace it just magical at nighttime.
And since it was a church and we were on holy ground I took my angel boy Aiden along with me to shoot some pics of him.

There are two of the most beautiful ones I shot

There is always a light in the darkness,
You only need to find it.
No matter how small, no matter how weak,
It is there, waiting for you to come and find it.

My light in the darkness, Aiden

My Demon Hunting Angel boy. I just LOVE the look he has in his eyes. So serious and intense. Telling you that he will kick any demon ass back to where it came from, no exceptions. A real Badass look, IEP! Normaly he is such a sweet boy, but not when he is on the hunt. And I am so glad I finally get to show that!!!

And just and absolute cute shot, I just adore the confidence he shows, but still is that kind and sweet boy.

Friday, July 12, 2013


Over the last week I have been working hard on making Bentley a new shirt out of this beautiful starry blue fabric I got for my birthday. And since me and my sewing machine are absolutely enemies, making this was all done by hand.
I also ripped off a print that was sitting on a white shirt I bought second hand. The shirt's print was already falling off and looked horrible so I decided to rip it off and put on a whole new print. One that would fit Bentley's character better and would fit the starry shirt as well.
And I am so happy with how it turned out. It was so worth all the days of hard work. And... most importantly, Bentley looks great in it.
Although he was feeling utterly uncomfortable and shy when I was taking the pictures of him in his new shirt.