Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A New Camera is Coming

I have been working with my current camera for about 5 years now I believe.
Which has been a long time, and I have made thousands of pictures with my trusty camera.
But there comes a time in everyone's life you need to evolve and invest in a better camera, an newer camera.
And that times has come for me now.
I still really love my current camera, but I feel he is not able to keep up with the things I need right now.
I will not throw him away!! No Way! I could never do that. My Old trusty camera will be my backup camera, in case my new one breaks down. It's technology, it could happen.
It has happened to me in the past, so why could it not happen again? Right?

My current trusty cam is a Fujifilm S1000FD

Back in the time when I bought this baby, he was Highly recommended and one of the best camera's I could get my hands on. And I NEVER regeretted buying this baby. Next to being a very beautyfull camera, he can do a lot! Not as much as the camera's can now, but he could do a lot compared to the camera's 5 years ago.
I have had a lot of camera's in my time, but this one is probably my favorite.

It took me a real long time to find out what camera I wanted next. I knew the time was coming to buy a new one, so I thought I should take a good look around at what the compagnies are producing now wnd what would be just right for what I want in a camera. I have looked at Nikon, Canon and even considered SLR and digital camera's.

For a long time I had set my mind on an SLR camera. But now I know it is not for me.
I can not see my self walk around with a big bag, five different lenses, constantly changing the lens. Cause I like to take very various kind of pictures all in the mix. No I can just not see my self work with that.
And the digital camera has evolved so much the past years I do have a choise.
So I chose Digital and after that I found THE perfect camera.

I am staying FUJI! :D
The camera I am getting is.........l drum roll.........
Fujifilm HS20

Now I only need to go to the store and get one!
Can't wait!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Dollzone dolls

Dollzone just released 4 brand new MSD dolls.
I myself am not a big Dollzone lover, but once in a while they bring out a doll that I do really like.
This time.... That is not the case.
I really do not think eigther one of these dolls are pretty.
In some way they look a bit misfigured. The eye/lip/face are not right in some way.
And with some of them I personaly feel like they look like they are stoned, hihi.
But ofcourse that is a matter of personal taste.

But since this is big news from Dollzone, And I just like to show new dolls on my blog, I could not resist to show them to you and tell you what I personaly think of them ;)

Link to Dollzone website



Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Illusion spirit Tosaca

New New New!
A 71 cm tall handsome piece of resin!
Called Tosaca and sold by Illusion Spirit.
Unfortunatly I do not know how to read anything other than the western letters...
So I can nog give you many more details about him.
What I can tell you Is what I think of him.
I really think he has a special face. Unlike anything I have seen before, which I think is awesome.
Without furter blabbering.

Link to illusion spirit site


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Twilight BJD.......... Dafuq????

Yes, you heard it right.....
There are actual twilight dolls
Made after the actors in the movies by a comagny called Raurencio Studio.
My very first thoughts about these dolls.
"Sigh.... really"
Do not get me wrong, I AM A TWIHARD!
But, Dolls? BJD Dolls?
I think that just takes it a little to far if you ask me.
If you look at them you can see the actors reflect in the dolls so that is a good thing.
But, no, not my thing.

But here they are.
Link to website

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Crobidoll T-line

Hear ye Hear ye!
Crobidoll is releasing a whole new line of dolls
The line is called T-line and the dolls in that line are just absoluuuuuutly to cute.
The are only 16 cm tall. really tiny dollies.
The start off from 200 dollar, and they come in different skin colors.
I really think they are cute, but to small for me.

Sales start from the 9th of march.

Link to Crobidoll website


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Dollclans Vezeto ~White Love Story~

I came across this beauty when browsing on one of th emany dollie forums.
I had never heard of this compagny before.
But I think this might be one to keep an eye out for.
They are about to release a new limited special doll named Vezeto ~White Love story~

When I saw the profile picture I went like
Hummbaaaabababahhhuuuuu *drewls*
Me likes.
I really love faces that are manly!! And this is just up my alley.
I have no Idea how tall this beauty will be...
I do know he will be on sale from the 8th of march... for limited time.

Link to  Dollclans site

New Soom Gneiss

I saw this coming across my screen.
Soom is releasing this girl into the world.
Her name is Gneiss ( a weird name if you aks me ;))
There is only one picture of here out these right now, and I am not quite sure what to think of her yet.
But I really like the head fantasy part
She will be available for order from the 8th of march for a limited time.

Link to Soom website