Friday, December 7, 2012

Blaze is finally here

Yesterday late the post delivery man rang the bell, carrying a grey envelope with a tube in it.
And I knew exactly what it was.
Seeing I have had a envelope like that before. When I heard the seller first shipped blaze I was ecstatic  But when he finally arrived. And I finally got the package open I was disappointed. He came out with boobies! When I saw them my heart sunk. But after a bit I thought. I can live with the boobies as long as the head is there. But that turned out to be a totally different head as well. Instead of a Yomi boy, I received a berry girl. I contacted the seller right away. And I had a choice given to me. Keep the girl and get some of the money back or send the girl back and get the boy I wanted. I am not really fond of the berry mold. So I decided to send her back and not long after the boy was send to me. And so it arrived yesterday. And when I was unpacking him my heart was racing, What if this one was not the right one to?
But seeing a boy come out... and that totally adorable face I was sold. He was here. Blaze was here.
So I pulled out some eyes I had laying around since his own eyes are still on the way to me. And I grabbed his wig, and some pants from my little girls ( which are way to big for him, I had to pin them in the back )
And I took some pictures of him before I had to wrap him up again, this time as a christmas present. Seeing it is a Christmas present for me.
But I do have the pics now. Seeing his package under the tree makes me so happy. To know he is here safe and well.

Enough rambling from my side, time for pictures.
The pictures are not top quality, it was already dark out.

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