Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So much has happened.

Oh my.
Has it been that long since my last post.
But then again. No wonder as I have been doing a lot of things that have kept me from posting.
Mostly Doll stuff.

I though I could give you a quick update on everything that has happened over the last month or so.
First of all.
I am hooked (literally) on a new hobby. Crocheting.
Yus people, I am addicted to crocheting.
And especially crocheting BJD stuff. Scarfs, beanies, socks, puppets. You name it.
This has kept me busy for quite a few days now. And I am liking it more and more.
Keep an eye out for some of my creations. I will post pictures of them soon.

I did a new face-up commission, for my dear friend. Which was a pleasure to do since the doll is SOOOO pretty. I am in love with the girl. <3 ( angel fantasy Lily, for the people who want to know )

But the most important new of all.
I have 2, yes 2, new doll's incoming.
Both being Christmas present. One is a present from The Male, The other a present for myself!
What dolll? you ask.
I'd be happy to tell you.
The doll I am getting from the Male is a Hujoo Yomi boy who will be named Blaze.
(go check my dolls page to find out who Blaze is.)  
The other doll the one I am giving myself as a present is a Angel of dream An, who will be named Strider.
Now,I do already have a character profile set up for him. But it is still mostly blank as I am working on him, so not really interesting yet.

I guess that is most of what has been keeping me away for such a long time. But I promise I will do my best to be more active, make more time for blogging.


  1. Aww the hat and scarf are looking really cute, I'm looking forward to see more of your creations ^-^.
    Oh yay 2 dolls! Congratulations! You must post some photos of them when they have arrived!

    1. Thnx!!!!!

      I will be sure to post pictures of them as soon as they arrive. :D


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