Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So much has happened.

Oh my.
Has it been that long since my last post.
But then again. No wonder as I have been doing a lot of things that have kept me from posting.
Mostly Doll stuff.

I though I could give you a quick update on everything that has happened over the last month or so.
First of all.
I am hooked (literally) on a new hobby. Crocheting.
Yus people, I am addicted to crocheting.
And especially crocheting BJD stuff. Scarfs, beanies, socks, puppets. You name it.
This has kept me busy for quite a few days now. And I am liking it more and more.
Keep an eye out for some of my creations. I will post pictures of them soon.

I did a new face-up commission, for my dear friend. Which was a pleasure to do since the doll is SOOOO pretty. I am in love with the girl. <3 ( angel fantasy Lily, for the people who want to know )

But the most important new of all.
I have 2, yes 2, new doll's incoming.
Both being Christmas present. One is a present from The Male, The other a present for myself!
What dolll? you ask.
I'd be happy to tell you.
The doll I am getting from the Male is a Hujoo Yomi boy who will be named Blaze.
(go check my dolls page to find out who Blaze is.)  
The other doll the one I am giving myself as a present is a Angel of dream An, who will be named Strider.
Now,I do already have a character profile set up for him. But it is still mostly blank as I am working on him, so not really interesting yet.

I guess that is most of what has been keeping me away for such a long time. But I promise I will do my best to be more active, make more time for blogging.