Friday, September 21, 2012

My Doll Family

I have been wanting to do a group shoot with all my dolls for quite some time now, since over the years many has changed in the doll family, and my last group shoot has been way to long ago. ( changes: think other dolls, new looks etc.)
I had this set up idea for quite some time, but was afraid I was not able to pull it off.
Well, I was wrong. For most of the part that is. Since Liza was a bit to small to really pull off the idea  I had. I wanted her to kind of hang on the guys shoulders with her arms. But even though I could not really make it the way I wanted to, it turned out just perfect. Never thought I would be able to make my guys carry the little girls the way they did. Gently and tender <3<3<3


  1. What an adorable photos of your doll family ^-^! And those boys carrying the little girls, how cute is that!


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