Friday, August 31, 2012

Countdown 2 and a half nights to go

OMG it's getting closer and closer.

Today I started packing for my trip to ... wait... here it comes.... Disneyland Resort Paris!!!!!!

And because I m so caught up in my trip there I hardly have any time to do dollie related things.

But I did found something dollie related AND Disney related.

Who here does not love the Disney princess films?
I know I do.
And what would be perfect for a dollie lover and a disney lover that this??????

It's a box filled with all 10 Disney princesses.
All then of them, even with the two newest, Tiana and Rapunzel.
If I had a chance to buy this.... I know I would without a doubt.


  1. Oh my I had a Pocahontas doll when I was a little kid ^-^! This is really awesome haha!

    1. I never really had a disney doll when I was younger... Secretly I am hoping to find this in disney ;)


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